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The Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. Part 1: Intro and Easy 8,000 Points

  I have been planning on writing the guide to Spirit Air Free Spirit frequent mile program for quite a while, but there has always been something. Better deals, better airlines, and then on the other end of the spectrum, devaluations, mergers, and other heartbreaks. Spirit Air is so juvenile with their marketing antics, andContinue Reading

4th of July Outing, Riverhead, LI, Stuck in the Sand, Credit Card Fraud

The day before I went on my trip to Brazil, my wife asked me: “How come, we have never been to the Hamptons?” That question made me pause. First, it had nothing to do with Brazil. And second, I have been living in Brooklyn for 22 years, and yet I have never been to LongContinue Reading

The Crazy $19 All-Inclusive Deal in the Dominican Republic is Alive Again!

  OK, folks, listen up: ignoring a deal as good as this one just because “it sounds too good to be true” is stupid. As I wrote about Lifestyle Tropical and their insane (but insanely profitable, too) marketing antics several times before, there is nothing wrong about this resort, and there are a lot of thingsContinue Reading

Manaus, Brazil Part 2: Park Suites Manaus

  Previous Post: Manaus, Brazil. First Impressions: Photo Report, Part 1 Please note: Exchange rate was slightly better in Manaus than in Rio: ($1:R$2.26 vs. $1:R$2.20). At the end of my previous post I promised to talk about my impressions of Manaus as one of the 12 World Cup venues in Brazil. Having thought about itContinue Reading

Saturday Night Late: World Cup, “Suarezing” Edition

  Brazil Moment of Truth So, Chile is out and Brazil is in. Barely! In today’s game, Chileans came this close, no really, THIS CLOSE  to the win on 120th minute (that’s right!), when Pinilla fired a cannonball shot that smashed off the crossbar and made the heart of every Brazilian skip a beat. As a result of a 1:1Continue Reading

“Reach for the Miles” New York Meet Up!

  This one is going to be short. If you guys and gals live in our grand city, consider joining this meet up. I have attended twice so far, and had a lot of fun. We meet at Professor Thom in the Lower East Side; we talk, share some tips and our war stories, enjoyContinue Reading

Manaus, Brazil. First Impressions: Photo Report, Part 1

  Previous posts from Brazil: Brazil World Cup 2014: Rio Photo Review: Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort We flew to Manaus from Rio on TAM on 06.16. Since TAM is a One World partner now, and since we managed to get a direct flight, I redeemed our seats for 7,500 Avios each. A great bargainContinue Reading

Photo Review: Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort

  The Location Sheraton Rio (12,000-16,000 points per night) is located in Sao Conrado, next to Leblon. It is sandwiched between the ocean and one of the most famous Rio favelas called Vidigal that is built, like the rest of them into the mountain cliffs. That location of the hotel is unique in Rio, asContinue Reading

Brazil World Cup 2014: Rio

Read My Fabulous NYC-Rio Coach Flight Review Rio greeted us with pouring rain. We knew it would be rainy, but still were hoping the weather.com would be wrong. It wasn’t. Sigh We cleared the customs and went to the arrival area. The first taxi kiosk we encountered quoted R$135 to Leblon. Rip off. We wentContinue Reading

So, United Has Gone Revenue-Based. Yawn!

  Honestly, when I read about it on Tuesday, I didn’t even want to bother. Then I read about it again on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night. Then I looked in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of my soul and touched the very core of my being (that’s my 6th or 7th caipirinha talking–not me!) andContinue Reading

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