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New IHG Devaluation April 2, 2018 — Chase Limits the Anniversary Free Night to 40,000 Points



A few days ago, I wrote a post about the new IGH card. I was arguing that the old IHG card with the 60,000 points bonus, $50 statement credit, and the $49 annual fee waived for the first year was better than the new one with the 80,000 points bonus and $89 annual fee. I presumed that the old card’s language about using one free night at any IHG hotel in the world would not be changed, at least while the old links are still around.

Well, you know what they say about presumptions, right? Never underestimate the corporate drive to screw their customers for no good reason. The Annyversary Free Nights at any hotel was the only saving grace of this mediocre credit card with a mediocre bonus for a mediocre program.

Not anymore thanks to the new IHG devaluation!

Today Redditer tbradnc reported that Chase sent him a letter stating that:

Going Forward, Annyversary Free Nights issued after May 1, 2018, will be redeemable at eligible IHG hotels with a redemption value up to and including 40,000 points.

No more free InterContinental nights in Bora Bora, Paris, Washington, New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Sydney, and hundreds of other properties worldwide. But still! We can still go to cool places, right? We just need to substitute InterContinental For Crown Plaza, Crown Plaza for Holiday Inn, Bora Bora for Moorea…

Yeah, dream on!

  • Holiday Inn London Mayfair used to cost 40,000 points. Yeah, Holiday Inn. Yeah, 40,000! Guess what — IHG raised the cost to 50,000 points 2 months ago.
  • Wanna visit the Big Apple and don’t mind staying at non-InterContinental. No soup! A very mid-range Even Hotel New York Midtown East is out of your range too (pun intended) — it’s just become 45, 000 points.
  • Moorea instead of Bora Bora? You’re a comedian! They’ve just “enhanced” IC Resort and Spa Moorea from 40,000 to 50,000 points.

Of course, glass-half-full people will point out that there are still ways to benefit from the program despite this new IHG devaluation. I should know, I’m kind of one of those people. I always look for values, no matter how bad the news is. And I’m sure you can find a good value in it. Hell, you can find a good value in almost everything if you look hard enough. But the relentless pace of IHG devaluations year after year is simply depressing. They just take, take, take. It’s almost as if they hated their loyal members, as if there was something dark and very personal about it…

Good thing I’m not one of these loyal members, or I would be royally pissed as opposed to being simply annoyed, LOL.

Long story short, I’m not applying. Yes, the program still has some value, but so does a watered-down drink.

If you’re still considering and if you have a spartner, then go for the old card. Get the bonus, get two $50 statement credits, get two free nights.


Take, take, take!

Photo By: Mike Lawrence


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