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Tear Down This Fuel Surcharge!

Virgin Australia Fuel Surcharge (YQ) was a bad thing. And now it’s gone. Yey? If there is anything we, miles and points junkies, hate–and I mean really hate–it’s fuel surcharges. Revenue flyers don’t care about fuel surcharges because they are not really a surcharge; they are a virtual accounting trick. Fuel surcharges have nothing toContinue Reading

How a Newbie Can “Earn” a Dreaded Amex Financial Review!

  Think AMEX Financial Reviews can only happen to hard-boiled MS-ers cycling tens of thousands of dollars a month? Think again! I met Emily, who runs Let’s Roam¬†Wild, at the TBEX conference in Cancun and was impressed when she told me how she had applied for a few credit cards and gotten some nice bonusesContinue Reading

Manufactured Spend and the New Ebates Credit Card

  Is the New Ebates Credit Card the Answer to our Manufactured Spend Prayers? It surely looks like it. This is what Ebates is offering: Earn¬†3% Cash Back¬†on qualifying purchases made through Ebates1 Shop¬†1% Cash Back¬†everywhere else Visa is accepted1 Get¬†$10 bonus¬†on your first purchase!2 I know what you’re thinking. Do they have cashback onContinue Reading

Amazon Payments Is [Almost] Dead

I will be brief. Told ya.

Want to Buy, Sell, or Exchange Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

  The post below is for informational,¬†educational, and thought-provoking purposes only. Do not break your loyalty programs rules, or bad things might happen. Let’s say you have a million miles and points. Let’s further presume that¬†you can’t travel that much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do things with your miles as if youContinue Reading

My Best Credit Card Offers in the World Are Updated, and More

Nothing too excited. I removed old Citi AA links and replaced them with working ones–does anyone have any idea why they keep doing it? Added another BoA 75,000 Virgin Atlantic offer, which I, personally, am not going to use due to $12,000 spend. For some reason, I forgot to add Capital One Venture 40,000-point offerContinue Reading

Manufactured Spend with Barclaycard Travel Community–Worth Looking Into?

  UPDATE: Please note¬†that the Arrival card is discontinued There is a credit card out there everyone knows about. It is called Barclaycard Arrival. Benefits Barclaycard Arrival is a great card, although it is a little overrated. Their major selling points are the 40,000-mile sign up bonus, 2.2222-something miles back after the rebate, and itsContinue Reading

New Manufactured Spend Method That Won’t Make You Work Hard

  This post is for intermediate¬†hobbyists. Please do not dive in without understanding the risks and possible consequences. If you have been reading my books and this blog, you already know that to me, there are three acceptable levels¬†of manufactured spending. PRIME MS Prime MS is something I can do in the comfort of myContinue Reading

Credit Cards and Manufactured Spend News and Updates

I have been approved for the Chase Ritz Carlton credit card. The more I read about other people’s experiences, the more I’m convinced that this is probably the best reward credit card out there right now; especially in light of¬†the demise of the Citi 100K AAdvantage mile bonus. Just think about it: a 70,000-point bonus,Continue Reading

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