So, United Has Gone Revenue-Based. Yawn!



Honestly, when I read about it on Tuesday, I didn’t even want to bother. Then I read about it again on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night. Then I looked in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of my soul and touched the very core of my being (that’s my 6th or 7th caipirinha talking–not me!) and you know what?

Still nothing! Because revenue-based is for earning, not redemptions.

Like I said–yawn!

Is there something inherently wrong with my inability to feel compassion for loyal frequent travelers who just got had again? Four words.

I’m not a business traveler.

OK, I know it’s six words, stop being a smart ass.

Here is the thing. I don’t fly for status. I don’t buy tickets almost ever. I don’t earn miles the “hard way”. If I did fly for status or on my own dime and earned my miles BIS, I might’ve felt obliged to throw a fit, just like the rest of the FT crowd. But I can’t pretend I’m upset about something I’m not. Now, give me a spending devaluation (just kidding American, please don’t), and you will  hear me rant!

Other than that, I’m sorry for my heartlessness, but Jared from Online Travel Review summed it up very nicely!

Q: Son of a bitch!
A: I know

Look, loyal flyers, airlines must make money! Revenue-based schemes are all the rage nowadays, and all of them can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon. They want business flyers to pay more; and they’ve got a point. Why is it that the corporations are still so stingy in our fast improving economy?

No matter what, I am still skeptical. As Gary Leff rightly noted in his otherwise overly dramatic piece,

United is hurting too badly, they aren’t Delta and they don’t have Delta’s product. Delta is willing to lose customers over this. United has already lost a few million of theirs. I’m not sure they’re in a position to be losing more.

Neither am I. But it’s a done deal. We’ll just have to deal with it. Well, frequent flyers will have to deal with it, not me.

Because me–I don’t care. And besides, I can’t allow myself to get distracted from this.


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