The Crazy $19 All-Inclusive Deal in the Dominican Republic is Alive Again!




OK, folks, listen up: ignoring a deal as good as this one just because “it sounds too good to be true” is stupid. As I wrote about Lifestyle Tropical and their insane (but insanely profitable, too) marketing antics several times before, there is nothing wrong about this resort, and there are a lot of things going on for it. I booked it for the third time in three years, and fully intend to enjoy it as much as I did before.


Since I have already written several reviews about this resort, I am not going to repeat every word again, but just a few pointers. This particular report is an unofficial guide to the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort and Spa. Don’t even think about going there without reading it first.

$15 All-Inclusive Deal at Lifestyle Tropical in DR for 15 Hours On Cyber Monday

1. You don’t have to attend the timeshare presentation!

2. Even though you don’t have to attend, they will try hard to get you to. I guess, you shouldn’t go if you can’t say no.

3. This is a huge, and I mean really huge property. You will have access to three beaches, about 15 pools, 2 buffets, and 7 restaurants.

4. It’s a cast system. The members get access to more facilities and services than you do, so I guess, don’t go if you are bothered that someone else might have more privileges than you.

5. I have never failed to find something to eat at the buffet, on the VIP beach, or any of the restaurants I had access to.

6. The buffet food is only OK, although the specialty restaurants are better. I guess, don’t go if you are a foodie.

Bottom line: it’s $19 per person per night! You can’t even eat at home for this kind of money.

The resort is located in Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic. The best way to fly there on miles (because it doesn’t make sense to pay to fly for a cheap vacation, right?) is on American via Miami. If you can’t get an award ticket to Puerto Plata, then Santiago will work to, but the drive from there is about two hours. Last I checked, the dates were wide open.


  • 4 Night Minimum Stay
  • 7 Night Maximum Stay
  • Free Access to VIP Beach and Parties
  • Travel: Now – December 17, 2014

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