“Reach for the Miles” New York Meet Up!




This one is going to be short. If you guys and gals live in our grand city, consider joining this meet up. I have attended twice so far, and had a lot of fun. We meet at Professor Thom in the Lower East Side; we talk, share some tips and our war stories, enjoy extended Happy Hour and simply have fun. If you constantly get blank stares, trying to explain your passion for free travel to your friends and relatives, trust me: you won’t have this problem there. 🙂

The meet up was organized by Mike Cargian, the founder of the UPGRD.com blogs. Read more about it HERE. Come on over next time, and let’s have a drink.

And here is a bonus for reading this short post.  I saw it in the subway on my way back from our latest meet up two days ago. Only in New York! Love it or hate it, it’s up to you.





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