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The Good Stuff Weekly


First, my best credit card offers in the world are updated.

Miles Credit Card Offers

Points Credit Card Offers

I’ve decided to create a weekly digest. The above is an experimental title, which I’m sure I’ll want to change at some point. People (smart ones) keep telling me that I have to be more consistent, as my posts and topics are all over the place. Although there is a good reason why my posts are all over the place (I enjoy writing about things that interest me), I agree that this blog could use more organization. Is there going to be The Bad Stuff Weekly? I don’t know. When there is more bad stuff and nothing good, I guess it’s possible. But as long as I have a chance, I’d rather not go there.

And one more thing. In these digests, I am going to list things that you can still use, not some promos or fare mistakes that are long gone. So, here goes.

Alternative Visa Gift Card to Buy Online

I’ll start with this excellent write-up on a lesser-known Visa Gift Card at Doctor of Credit. I had no idea there was such an option, so kudos to DOC and Chuck for discovering it. Using this trick will allow you to keep your expenses under 1% without a drive to Simon Mall. Which might not be a big deal to many of you, but for those of us in NYC MS Prison, this is a great find.

Options for Buying $500 Visa Gift Cards Online, & This Weird Trick Can Save You Money

10 Free Gogo Internet Passes

If you carry AMEX Business Platinum Card, you already have free unlimited access to Boingo internet plans. I have found that in a few cases, the Boingo connection was unavailable (where it should’ve been available according to their map) and there have been a few cases when I either had a difficulty connecting or was consistently kicked out every few minutes or so. Still, it’s a great benefit where it works, and the price is right, too.

This year, they upped the ante, and came up with 10 free internet passes for their AMEX Business Platinum cards (and 5 passes for some corporate cards, too). You can sign up right here with your AMEX card.

10 Gogo Internet Passes for the holders of the AMEX Business Platinum Card

Possible $100 Credit from AMEX Business Platinum Card

AMEX Platinum cardholders are going (perhaps) to lose their “elite” Gold Regus status. I did have this status a couple of years ago with my previous AMEX Platinum card, but I can’t log in anymore, which probably means they kicked me out. Anyway, I used their service exactly one time when my wife was delayed, and I had to wait for her in Manhattan, and it was cold… well, you’ve got the picture. The gold membership allows you (and you only) to visit any Regus lounge in the world for free, and they do have free coffee and internet. Nice, but unnecessary. Although, if you are at a hotel that charges $25+ for internet, and there is a Regus building across the street… Well, you’ve got the picture.

So the reason this might be a good news, is that some folks have received up to a $100 compensation for this heartbreaking event. Well, some have, others haven’t. I haven’t, as they set up my membership for the next two months, rather than give me the money. 🙂  But it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it? HT to Doctor of Credit. Again! 🙂

American Express Business Platinum Cardholders To Lose Regus Platinum Office Benefit

Chase Amtrak Credit Card 18,000-Mile Bonus

Chase Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card has increased the bonus from 12,000 to 18,000 miles. That doesn’t sound much if you think of it in terms of  Amtrak miles, but if you transfer these points into the Choice Privileges program at 1:3 ration, that can give you up to four nights in Europe. That’s not even mentioning how hard it is to get Choice points without BIB (Butt-in-Bed) activities.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds, and Amtrak makes you spend $200 on travel before you can transfer your miles. Which is why you need to read my post–to maximize your benefits should you decide to accept their offer (sorry, could not resist).

New Chase Amtrak Credit Card 18,000-Mile Bonus, etc.

More Good Points Credit Card Offers.

First, unrestricted Chase Marriott credit card 70,000-point offer is back. It has always been on and off; up until recently, the 70,000-point offer was only available to Marriott Elite members. Since the offer goes back and forth between 50- and 70,000 points, I strongly recommend you monitor this Flyertalk thread Wiki.

Second, there is a new Chase Ink Plus 60,000-point offer which is available online and in Chase bank branches. The difference between applying at home and applying at the bank is $95 AF that is not waived for the first year if you apply online. The offer may or may not be available in every branch, but in my experience, switching to a more knowledgeable CSR can do the trick.

Third, there is a new 45,000 Barclaycard Wyndham offer available, increased from a regular 30,000-point bonus. Whether you want it or not depends on your travel patterns, but it can be good for up to 8 hotel nights–so nothing to sneeze at.

3 Credit Card Offers: Dead and Alive!


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3 Credit Card Offers: Dead and Alive!

So, what’s up with credit card offers? It’s been a slow week. Chase Ritz-Carlton Offer Is Dead! The Chase Ritz-Carlton 140,000-point credit card offer is dead. RIP! They have replaced it with a 1-night stay bonus, which is, well, meh. In addition, the Flyertalk thread is reporting increased difficulties with getting the annual $300 creditContinue Reading

Citi ThankYou Premier — Rebirth of an Excellent Travel Credit Card

  According to Doctor of Credit and Flyertalk, the terms for the Citi ThankYou Premier credit card will change on April 19, 2015. When someone revises their T&C nowadays, it rarely means improvements, but this time, the changes are mostly positive. Here is a little Before (04/19) and After: Before: Earn 3 Points per dollarContinue Reading

My Best Credit Card Lists Are Updated

Things have been a bit slow in the last month, but there have been some new developments. Chase British Airways Card with 50,000 Avios Bonus Waives the Annual Fee Chase has recently introduced a new policy for most of their cards. If you haven’t had the bonus within the last 24 months (and aren’t currently holding theContinue Reading

My Best in the World Miles/Points Credit Card Links Have Been Updated

  I have updated my two lists of the best credit cards in the world for free flights and free hotel stays. No affiliate links and/or conflicts of interests there, folks, only pure goodness! Killed some dead links, and added new options. For newbies and a couple of folks who have sent me emails: please doContinue Reading

Travel and Credit Card Debt

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t going to blog today. I spent a couple of days in Atlantic City with my family, helping the local economy to recover from those devastating blows that the sudden influx of competition in the neighboring states has inflicted on this once thriving municipality. And then I had to getContinue Reading

Why You Must Take Advantage of IHG “Into the Fall” Promo (Even If You Don’t Care About Hotel Promos)

I catch a lot of flack for not covering hotel promos. I just don’t. I have this ridiculous desire of writing about things that interest me. That does backfire at times, as different people have different interests. My situation is unique, as I rarely pay for my travel. I rarely go on a business trip, andContinue Reading

Listen To Bloggers But Think for Yourself!

  First, the United 55,000-mile bonus with $50 statement credit is supposed to expire today. It doesn’t get better than that. Grab it now if you can (remember the new 2-year bonus rule). Second, yes, I know the title of this post might sound ridiculously obvious, but bear with me for just a moment. A coupleContinue Reading

A Few Good Things We Are Losing in September

  Credit Cards The better Chase United Airlines 55,000 Mileage Plus Miles and $50 credit: expires September 2 (there is still time) The better American Express Delta Airlines 50,000 SkyMiles and $50 credit: expires September 8 (there is still time) New Checking Account Bonuses Astoria Bank: $250 bonus (NYC only). Expires Sep 1. (Gone).  Capital One: $250 Bonus for the new business account.Continue Reading

10,000 United Mileage Plus Miles, Credit Card News and More

  10,000 United Miles Option House will give you 10,000 United Mileage Plus miles for opening an account with $5,000 and making 10 trades at $4.75 each in addition to their unbeatable 5 for $5 rates. It’s not a bad deal if you already trade, but do not go in strictly for the miles ifContinue Reading

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