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30% Bonus for Citi ThankYou Points Transfer to JetBlue and What You Can Do With It



From now until May 19, 2018, you can get a 30% bonus for transferring Citi ThankYou points to JetBlue. It means, 1,000 ThankYou Points = 1,040 TrueBlue points (HT ha_ka on Reddit).

I’ve done a fair share of JetBlue writeups in the past. This is a fantastic deal if you’re interested in flights in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbeans, and Northern South America in spacious JetBlue economy class. However, TrueBlue points are NOT a good redemption for booking a seat in the JetBlue Mint cabin. Just resist the temptation or book your Mint seat for cash.

Is 30% AMEX MR Transfer Bonus to JetBlue a Good Deal?

New Barclaycard JetBlue Credit Card with 30,000-Point Bonus – Part 2 

Get 60,000 JetBlue Points with the New Barclaycard JetBlue Plus Card Offer

Some of the best deals on redeeming JetBlue points used to be to Cuba. Actually, there are still good deals to Cuba, but traveling there has become more difficult due to the political reasons. That, however, has nothing to do with JetBlue.

What I like about JetBlue other than their legroom, earning ratios, free internet, cheap upgrades to “Even More Space,” and the points pooling ability, is that there haven’t been any devaluations to their TrueBlue program in recent years. Sure we love to hate revenue frequent flyer programs, but they are much more predictable in general, and JetBlue in particular has been very good to us (except for instituting the baggage fees, grrr).

You can get respectable 1.7x — 2x value if you redeem your points wisely. Here are some very simple rules for getting good values with JetBlue points.

  • Redeem 1.5-4 months in advance.
  • Look for cheaper fares if you’re flexible, they mean cheap redemptions.
  • Look for short flights, you’ll often get better redemption values.
  • Forget Mint, seriously.

I’ve checked some redemption rates and they haven’t changed much from last year or even 2016.

  • New York to Punta Cana: from 7,700 points plus taxes
  • Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles: from 7,800 points plus taxes
  • Los Angeles (LGB) to San Francisco: from 2,200 points plus taxes
  • Boston to San Juan: from 7,400 points plus taxes
  • Orlando to Mexico City: from 2,300 points plus taxes

See my links above for more info. They are still relevant and will give you a good idea whether or not this transfer is a good deal for you.


Get 60,000 JetBlue Points with the New Barclaycard JetBlue Plus Card Offer

  UPDATE 01.06.18: The Offer Still Appears to Be  Available The 60,000 JetBlue Points Link Now you can get 60,000 JetBlue points with a new JetBlue Plus offer. This is record-high. The initial offer was 30,000, then 40,000, then it reverted back to 30,000. Now it’s 60,000 points. That’s a lot of points! The offerContinue Reading

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New Fantastic Way to Redeem JetBlue Points at 2 Pennies

  Did you, guys, know that? If so, I apologize. I am NOT unfamiliar with the JetBlue TrueBlue program — in fact I’ve written killer reports on maximizing JetBlue values here, here, and here (yes, I’m humble, too), but I’ve never known you could get that much value out of their currency. And what a great wayContinue Reading

New Barclaycard JetBlue Credit Card with 30,000-Point Bonus – Part 2

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Is 30% AMEX MR Transfer Bonus to JetBlue a Good Deal?

I’ve never considered revenue-based JetBlie TrueBlue a good frequent flyer program, even though I do like their seat configuration and the whole idea of civilized flying in economy. The only time I did use TrueBlue points was when I flew to Puerto Plata to stay at the Lifestyle Tropical AI resort in the Dominican Republic.Continue Reading

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