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I Applied for Chase Ritz Carlton Card: 70,000 Points/No Annual Fee

  This offer has been known to be alive for a long time, but I have been reluctant to write about it. First, I had my doubts. Theoretically, it has an invitation code, so it’s not for the general public. Second, when the offer became available first time around (about 2 years ago), there were someContinue Reading

Even Better Chase United Credit Card Deal and an Update!

  Per Saverocity, Chase today sweetened the deal offering an additional $50 statement credit to its already great 55,000-mile offer. If you have not received your Chase United MileagePlus Card sign up bonus within the last 24 months, you are out of excuses. Yes, this is a really great deal! Click on the picture aboveContinue Reading

Credit Cards Update, Chase Churning, Breaking United.com

  Well, first off, I have reorganized and fully updated all my credit card links in these two sections: Best Credit Cards for Free Flights Best Credit Cards for Free Stays I’d like to thank everyone who sent me suggestions and critique. I agree these sections were kind of disorganized. Please take a look andContinue Reading

It’s Like Churning Gods Don’t Like Me Anymore… :-(

Either that, or I might’ve been way too lucky before. Despite churning credit cards for many years, I have only been denied a few times, and most of the times in my early days when I just started out and didn’t know that no doesn’t really mean no. In the last five or six years, I only remember twoContinue Reading

“Reach for the Miles” New York Meet Up!

  This one is going to be short. If you guys and gals live in our grand city, consider joining this meet up. I have attended twice so far, and had a lot of fun. We meet at Professor Thom in the Lower East Side; we talk, share some tips and our war stories, enjoyContinue Reading

New 40,000-point offer from Capital One Venture

Here is a new offer from our old friend Capital One Venture. 40,000 points is equal $400. Easy $400, after spending $3,000 in three months. According to several accounts, people report getting Cap One bonuses repeatedely, so this is a good one. No annual fee for the first year and $59 thereafter. From the horse’sContinue Reading

Saturday Night Late. Very Late! 06.14.2014

Welcome to the first part of the of my funniest posts collection! To me, your enjoyment is more important than miles, points, and the beverage of your choice. Do not skip this post just because it is not about credit card bonuses, buying money with money, or flight to the moon in a Singapore suite.Continue Reading

My Nightmarish Walmart Experience

  I wasn’t going to rant about it, but then I read an excellent Free-quent Flyer’s analysis of the newest Walmart’s Point of Sale System changes and decided to share my experience too. I’ve had my share of problems with Walmarts, but my today’s tour de force takes the cake. That’s two and a half hoursContinue Reading

Late Saturday Night… Very Late!

  I wasn’t going to post tonight, but I had to. You know how it happens: you read something so funny sometimes; you just have to spread the news, or it will eat you inside out. I checked today’s Gary Leff’s View From the Wing post and found out that Greg from Frequent Miler was featured in YahooContinue Reading

The New FICO Score Model is Coming Our Way This Summer: Part Two!

  Part One is Here There are considerable changes between FICO 8 and FICO 04. FICO 8 is the most “pro-consumer” model to date, although some new measures are more punitive. Here is what changed (from the horse’s mouth): High credit card usage FICO 8 score is more sensitive to highly utilized credit cards. So ifContinue Reading

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