I Applied for Chase Ritz Carlton Card: 70,000 Points/No Annual Fee




This offer has been known to be alive for a long time, but I have been reluctant to write about it. First, I had my doubts. Theoretically, it has an invitation code, so it’s not for the general public. Second, when the offer became available first time around (about 2 years ago), there were some reports that you couldn’t get a bonus if you had a Marriott card too. I didn’t apply back then for two reasons: first I had too many Chase cards. and second, I was still holding a Chase Mariott credit card, at the time. And third, there is…

No Online Application

That’s right! I don’t remember when it was the last time when I had to call on the phone in order to fill out the application. This time around, however, I broke down and applied, even though I don’t like applying for single cards; the deal has become too good to pass. Besides, I cancelled my Marriott card about two months ago, so hopefully (and according to some reports) it shouldn’t be an issue.

Applying was not a smooth sale. The first representative had no idea about the code, and when I called the second time, I got the same lady (yack!), who then told me–a bit sternly this time–that I could only apply for the regular offer. So I called the next day, and a different CSR recognized the code immediately and filled the application over the phone.

The number1-888-846-7004

The code: F53K

They didn’t give me the decision, but to me, it has been the case with Chase for quite a while. I am going to call tomorrow and see what happens.

One of the Best Credit Card Offers of Our Time? Really?

Yes, even though I am not going to use it for Ritz Carlton properties. Here is why:

  • 70,000-points bonus, and the points work for Marriott, too;
  • Gold Status for the first year and reciprocal elite benefits for Marriott;
  • Low spend: $2,000/3mths;
  • Complimentary airport lounge access for you and the guest;
  • The $300 annual credit for airline incidentals including Global Entree (raised from $200) per calendar year!!!

If you are a Ritz Carlton fan, you also get three guaranteed annual upgrades to the Club Floor room and $100 credit for a two-day stays or more, but only on a paid flexible rate.

Note that The Lounge Club Ritz Carlton uses is not the same as AMEX Platinum Priority Pass. It has twice fewer lounges then Priority Pass (about 350), and has more presence overseas rather than domestically. While the LC lounges are not usually high-end, some are very nice, for example The Club at ATL or Virgin America Loft at LAX. And you can also bring a guest for free, which is not the case with the Priority Pass.

But what makes this offer not just great, but one of the best ever, is what’s not listed. I have done an extensive research on blogs and forums and found that many folks have had no problem with reimbursement for pretty much anything; from seat upgrades to duty free items to airline gift cards. Of course, it’s unofficial, so no guarantees, but if it works for you, then this card is a pure money maker!

There Is a Bigger Offer Too!

There is another 140K offer with identical terms, but the $395 fee is not waived. If 70,000 Ritz Carlton/Marriott points is worth $395 to you, use the code F5BP (same phone number).

If any of you, guys, have this card, please share your experience here.

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