Saturday Night Late. Very Late! 06.14.2014


Welcome to the first part of the of my funniest posts collection! To me, your enjoyment is more important than miles, points, and the beverage of your choice. Do not skip this post just because it is not about credit card bonuses, buying money with money, or flight to the moon in a Singapore suite. We’ll get back to our regular programming shortly.

Oh, who am I kidding! This is a filler post. As you might know I am traveling in Brazil right now. Since right before my trip I took a blood oath that nothing, including this blog, would stand in the way of me having fun, time is in short supply. However, that doesn’t mean this post won’t elicit a chuckle or two from you. In fact, I’ll go even further and say that if it doesn’t, you are strange and different.

Here is a small collection of my satirical pieces that I and some other folks whose opinions on this issue I value very much, have found pretty damn funny. These posts are not the same as my famous rants. Rants are not necessarily funny. Rants exist in order to let out the steam. Satire is different. You can’t write a satirical post being angry. You have to be calm, somewhat distant, even calculating. So without further ado…


You probably know that I can’t stay mad at Delta. If I could’ve, I wouldn’t have documented the minutes for their corporate meeting at which they decided to unleash their second devaluation just a few months after they did the first. Caution: drugs and booze references. Do not read if you are about to run for a political office or [try to] redeem Delta SkyMiles.


Delta again! Like I said, can’t stay away from these guys. The following piece is all about love. Delta airlines loves their customers so much, they decided to raise the rates for their club access by 50%. All to prevent cheap charlies like moi to pollute the view of their serious customers.


Should you be allowed to watch porn on the airplane? To me, it’s not about whether or not you should be allowed, it’s whether or not you should. Period.


Those of you who still ache from the untimely demise of our beloved Vanilla Reload, should watch Hitler’s reaction to the dreadful news and compare it to your own.

Have a glorious Sunday, folks!

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