Hitler Rips CVS Video Fixed – Plus Vanilla Reload Update 04.03.14: 9AM-5:45PM EST


This is the fixed video. Enjoy! Although, I’d love nothing more than not having had the inspiration to make it.

Hitler Rips CVS for Vanilla Reload Masacre

Vanilla Reload Availability Update

This is the recap of today reports found on the Flyertalk CSV thread in the order of appearance. Most reports (but not all) indicate whatever stores are expecting cards today will stop tomorrow. As you can see by the amount of red in this post, it’s game over for most of the country, including the stores that were selling yesterday. There are even more troubling reports are that One Vanillas are cash only too at some stores, something I was told myself at one of the CVS stores I frequent (and the only one that had them in stock).

Milwaukee, WI: DEAD

Chicago  2828 N. Clark St: ALIVE (for the last day, supposedly)

Montgomery, AL: ALIVE

Southern California (non-specified): ALIVE  

Downtown (and south), Indianapolis: DEAD

Northern California (unspecified): DEAD

Staten Island, NY: DEAD

Miami: ALIVE

North Indy/Carmel: ALIVE


Danbury, CT: DEAD

Tampa, FL: ALIVE

Long Beach, CA: DEAD

Des Moines, IA: DEAD

SF Bay area: DEAD

Dallas Downtown West End: DEAD

Saint Paul, MN: DEAD

Sacramento, CA: DEAD

Chicago suburb (yeah): ALIVE

Atlanta, GA: DEAD

The Village & Chelsea in Manhattan: DEAD

11717 (LOL): DEAD

Suburban BOS: DEAD


Lake Forest, CA: DEAD

Westside LA: DEAD

North Kansas City, MO: DEAD

Kansas City: DEAD

San Jose, CA: DEAD







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