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Sadly, My Optimism About Thailand Being Safe Might Have Been Premature

In my recent post: Coup d’etaut in #Thailand: Should You Cancel Your Trip? I said no you should not. Unfortunately, the unfolding of events on the ground two days after the #thaicoup as well as an exchange with a person who travels to Thailand quite often, has made me think that maybe I spoke too soon. First,Continue Reading

Amusing Things You Hear on the Plane

What the hell! Not everything is about miles, right? In my mail today, I found this Quora collection of airplane jokes, titled: What are some witty and amusing things you have heard on an airplane?  For those who don’t know, Quora is a really interesting and different social platform. Ask a question, and dozens if not hundreds of people willContinue Reading

Coup d’etaut in Thailand: Should You Cancel Your Trip?

  Please read my update Unless you are a student of history, you probably couldn’t care less about yellow shirts and red shirts. Military coups occur in Thiailand all the time, and they are usually bloodless. Thailand has been in political turmoil for about eight years, and all these years the tourists flocking to ThailandContinue Reading

Broken Website, Heading to Washington, New Cards Roundup.

  Broken Blog Sorry for being out for so long. Had a technical problem with the blog. After upgrading WP to the latest version, I lost the ability to type new posts. I almost plucked whatever hair I had left trying to figure out what was going on. I deactivated all plugins one by one, edited myContinue Reading

LAST CHANCE: $19 for All Inclusive Stay: Ends Today!

  Today is the last day when you can book an All-Inclusive stay at Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort and Spa in Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic for $19 per person per day. That makes the cost of staying at this huge resort with fabulous grounds including all the food, booze, activities and entertainment (which isContinue Reading

All-Inclusive Resort for $19 a Night per Person. It’s Real and It’s Spectacular!

Today’s Update per Travelzoo: 1. In addition to the date below you can stay May 1 – Aug. 31 or Nov. 16 – Dec. 23 for $10 more. 2. They charge extra $5 per person per day for the Cofresi part of the resort (it’s the same resort and you can use all the facilities).Continue Reading

Unique Underwater Hotel Experience: Manta Resort, Tanzania

This is a different post. It’s not about miles, points or even a trip report. It’s about the place I’ve never been to. A couple of months ago, I posted an article on Frugal Travel Guy about finding the least expensive stay at an overwater bungalow, and then I stumbled upon this conceptual marvel! OfContinue Reading

Melia Rewards: Incredible Bonus Offer That Has Nothing to Do with a Credit Card

  HT to MrsGuin from Fat Wallet Update: All in all, it appears this offer is not as exciting as I thought it was. 1. It appears that the bonus points cannot be transferred. Bummer! 2. The booking must be made by April 30th. The language states the points must be “used” until April 30,Continue Reading

Massive AA & Azul Award Availability to World Cup in Brazil

OK, I know I might be obsessed with the World Cup in Brazil, as I have written about it multiple times, here, here, and here, and perhaps somewhere else too. My point has always been that good things come to those who wait, and indeed during the last few months, we have witnessed sporadic emergenceContinue Reading

#AAdvantageMAAsacre – Part Deux

Reader MikeS sent me an email reminding that AA is not the first US airline that introduced major changes without a notice. Delta did it too. Thanks Mike. Totally slipped my mind. That doesn’t let AA off the hook, though.  My yesterday post is here. As I mentioned yesterday, American Airlines has introduced some drasticContinue Reading

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