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Broken Blog

Sorry for being out for so long. Had a technical problem with the blog. After upgrading WP to the latest version, I lost the ability to type new posts. I almost plucked whatever hair I had left trying to figure out what was going on. I deactivated all plugins one by one, edited my PHP file, spent god knows how much time googling and looking for the solution, until one kind soul told me that deactivated plugins could also give you trouble. Lo and behold, it was indeed a deactivated plugin that was just sitting there! Took me about 3 minutes to find the offender and kill it. It was so easy, grrr!

Weekend in DC

Anyway, tomorrow I’m taking my wife and kid on a rail journey–first ever since I came to this country 22 years ago. It’s a short trip, but I’m still excited! We are taking a 3.5-hour train from Penn Station for 24,000 Amtrak points roundtrip (for the three of us). If you think that spending 24,000 points on such a short trip was unwise, you might be right, but the thing is we wanted to drive there intitially, so by the time we decided on the train, the fares for the departure times we wanted were over $300 each way. So, I just decided, what the hell: if I need Amtrak miles in the future, there is Chase UR for that.

We are staying at the Willard Washington DC (courtesy of two free annual IHG nights). I wrote about how to book IHG nights here:

Turn Your IHG Free Annual Night into… Two IHG Free Annual Nights!

New Credit Cards Offers

There are three cards with improved bonuses, two personal and one business.

US Bank Korean SKYPASS Visa Signature Card with 30,000-Mile Bonus

The 30,000-mile offer is valid until May 31. I wrote a post on Skypass and merits of this card for Frugal Travel Guy that goes live on Saturday (I think), so make sure you read it if you are considering getting it. Skypass is a very interesting, yet very peculiar program. I would say it might be well worth it if you are applying with a partner and can get both personal and business card (not a given with US Bank, which is quite conservative). The good news is, there are no spend requirements, the bad that the annual fees are not waived ($80 for personal and $75 for business).

US Bank has also increased bonus for the LANPASS Visa Credit card to 30,000 miles. The terms are quite ridiculous: you get 20,000 miles after the first purchase and the other ten after having 45 transactions in the first 90 days. That’s quite a novel approach to training new customers love your card, I’d say.

LANPASS Visa Credit Card 30-000 Miles Offer

Of course, this card had a better 40,000 bonus in the past, but back then it had a $5,000 spend requirement, which made it slightly less worth it. The annual fee is waived for the first year, $75 afterwards. Apply until June 30.

30,000 miles is equal to 48,000 kilometers. That amount will take you from Miami to Peru or Rio round trip.

The cardholders also receive three upgrade coupons. These are only valid on paid fare, and the upgrade will cost you from two to three coupons for a one-way flight between the US and South America. Not a bad deal, and if you need more LAN kilometers, you can always transfer them from SPG at 1:1.5 ratio.

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