Melia Rewards: Incredible Bonus Offer That Has Nothing to Do with a Credit Card



HT to MrsGuin from Fat Wallet

Update: All in all, it appears this offer is not as exciting as I thought it was.

1. It appears that the bonus points cannot be transferred. Bummer!

2. The booking must be made by April 30th. The language states the points must be “used” until April 30, but my points summary states the points are valid till April 14th, 2015. So I’m pretty sure the word “used” means booking.

3. It appears you must use points+cash to book, and the minimum is 3 days.

4. It seems you can’t use more than 2,000 points in the points+cash scheme, and their search engine is truly prehistoric. 

I still believe it’s  possible to save some serious cash with this promo and their free birthday night, but it doesn’t appear now like a really hot deal. Warm maybe. Sorry about that.

Melia Rewards program wants to give you a 12,000-point bonus for filling out a simple sign up form.

Sign up HERE for Melia Rewards offer and get 12,000 points for a one-minute work. Their regular offer is 2,000 points, so this is six times better than that. The offer is valid until April 30, but it might die well before then.

After you sign up for the offer, sign up your wife, your mother, your kids and your dog(s). All you need is different emails and a few (real or not) passport numbers. Don’t forget to use In-Private or Chrome Incognito or whatever it is there in Firefox.

Why Is This Offer So Great!

Melia doesn’t have a strong presence in the United States, but their hotels and resorts are all over Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Their redemption levels are not cheap, and they start at 11,000 points.

Melia Redemptions

And yet, this is a fantastic offer. Why? Two reasons.

Because first, Melia allows free transfers of points between the members. After you sign up several people for this, you should be able to transfer all the points to yourself (subscribers, please forgive my spelling in your email, but at least, I brought a smile to your faces). I couldn’t find any limitations anywhere in the T&C that would prohibit members to transfer bonus points, although I have read that they do claw back the bonus points transferred to airlines. Update: it appears the bonus points cannot be transferred.

And second, they give you a free night on your birthday. Well, it’s not like a free annual night as you still have to pay for at least one other night. The good part, however, is it doesn’t actually have to be your birthday. You have the whole year to travel, but you have to book within one month of your birthday.

Here are some MeliaRewards benefits that I llke.

  • Earn 10 points for every € or US$ on your booking
  • Earn 10 points for every € or US$ you spend in our hotel YHI Spas
  • Freshen up on arrival: free bottle of mineral water in your room the first night of your stay.
  • Free Internet in hotels Gran Meliá
  • Free Wifi in common areas in hotels Meliá
  • Book exclusive private rates, only for MeliáRewards members
  • Book using points or points plus cash
  • It’s your birthday. Celebrate for free. A free one-night stay to help celebrate your special day
  • Share your MeliáRewards points with whoever you wish.

I admit, I don’t know much about Melia, so let’s talk more about this offer. Please post your thoughts and suggestions here.

Image credit: Jeff Gunn

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You can’t transfer sign-up bonus points from account to account. Bummer.


Andy, the transfer doesn’t seem to work. Did it work for you?


From terms and conditions of the offer:

Ten thousand bonus points must be redeemed (reserved) by April 30 or the bonus points will expire and be removed from the account.


I just get an error when I tried to transfer points from my wife’s account to mine. I also see this on the transfer page.

Remember that bonus points you earn when you sign up for the programme cannot be transferred to other MeliáRewards card


I only got a generic error has occurred message when trying to transfer. But the transfer page has that statement on it. I haven’t tried transfering just 2k points. I tried 12k.


Well there goes 30 min of my life… Oh but if it would have worked….

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