My Best in the World Miles/Points Credit Card Links Have Been Updated



I have updated my two lists of the best credit cards in the world for free flights and free hotel stays. No affiliate links and/or conflicts of interests there, folks, only pure goodness! Killed some dead links, and added new options. For newbies and a couple of folks who have sent me emails: please do not freak out when you don’t see any mentions of bonus on a credit card application page. Sometimes, these things require a leap of faith. Please read the corresponding Flyertalk threads and Wikis where links are enclose and decide for yourself if you want to risk it. And I use the word risk tongue in cheek here.

You can find the updated lists of credit cards here:

Best Credit Cards for Free Stays

Best Credit Cards for Free Flights

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t use this post for an excuse to get on my high horse and offer everyone a few simple and undeniable maxims:

  1. THAT travel hacking and credit card debt cannot peacefully coexist
  2. THAT if you think you can “carefully and strategically carry credit card debt” (a real quote from a real email, mind you!) and still get ahead in this game, you are delusional. Snap out of it!
  3. THAT just because your income allows you to make credit card payments on time, it does not excuse debt. If anything, it makes carrying a balance even less excusable.
  4. THAT the infamous argument “but at least, I can live NOW ” is not an argument at all. It’s a stupid excuse to sustain an unsustainable lifestyle! (see maxim #2).

Love to travel? Use your passion to get your ducks in a row. Get your budget under control, pay off your charges religiously every single month, and then travel the world for pennies on a dollar. There are better and more solid motivations than this one, but none of them are as exciting, IMHO!

Photo By: Simon Cunningham


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