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World Cup in Tweets and Incoherent Ramblings



Want World Cup in one word? How about this? Massacres! What a string of unexpected, spectacular defeats! The Mighty Have Fallen. Hard… Spain, the king of the world, decimated by the Dutch and Chile…

England destroyed by Italy and Uruguay…

Portugal crushed by Germany and finished off by the tie with the USA.

Italy done in by Costa Rica and Uruguay…

And then it was Brazil: wrecked, nuked, completely decimated at the hands of the Germans, followed by another thorough humiliation by the Dutch! Oh my goodness, what the hell happened to you, Brazil? Even ballerinas are laughing.


Let’s look at the bright side, though. My $20 bet against Argentina yesterday won me a tenner. Yes, the bet was 2:1 in favor of Germany, and I was too cheap to bet more. However, all jokes aside, the Germans deserved to win–did you see that beautiful, gorgeous late goal? Argentina was indeed a close second. And the Dutch were the close third. Enjoy it one more time in its slomo glory.

The now-famous Brazilian fan graciously conceding the World Cup to the winners. Touching, But sad. But touching.  

Well, it was great while it lasted. Till 2018, then!


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