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I am a consultant and educator in Brooklyn, NY. I’m also a dad, a husband, and an avid traveler, and I enjoy going places whenever I can. This unforgiving passion led me to discover (almost by accident) airline and hotel credit card programs. I was floored when I realized that frequent mile and loyalty hotel programs in combination with good credit work just fine for infrequent travelers and for the “disloyal”, as well.

Before I found this “magical” system, I still traveled the world on the cheap, though using less effective ways to save money. Ever since I immigrated to the United States from behind the Iron Curtain, I looked for low-cost ways to travel. I used all tricks in the book to travel on the budget. Among other things, I drove rental cars along the East Coast, used air-ticket consolidators, and flew overseas as an air-courier. And no, that’s not the full list. Not even close.

Many of those tricks are no longer available, and that is a good thing. Want to travel super cheap? Your good credit can help you do that! Since I discovered that a combination of good credit and frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs held the key to unlimited free travel around the world, nothing else mattered anymore. Nothing! Budget travel is great, but it is still not free. Traveling on frequent miles and hotel points is! Well, yeah, I hear you, taxes still suck.

I have been traveling for free or nearly free for almost a decade, and I personally use the methods outlined in my book. With nearly two million miles and points in my family accounts, I simply don’t see the need to pay for hotels and airfare. And my FICO credit score is stronger than ever, as well.

Wondering how you can leverage your good credit score to get free travel? It’s easier than you think. You apply for the right credit card or two, get a huge sign up miles or points bonus, then book your flight and/or hotel. Easy! Of course, you must have some flexibility in order to get the best deal, but that is true about anything in life. Below, I gathered a few links to my prior articles in order to help you get started. Not all those credit card links are valid today, but don’t worry, there are others. When there is a will, there is a way. Every single trip below is still doable today as it was a few months ago.

I always do what I preach and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. And so can you. Welcome!

Is a free flight to Australia good enough? No? What if you get “reimbursed” for the taxes? Still no? Then throw New Zealand into the mix!
Paris and Prague for $60 + tax, really? Yes, really!


How to get paid to go on African Safari


Free London and Paris vacation in just One Card!


Double Dip on One Award. How?


Get PAID for a Free Week-Long Luxury Vacation for Two in South Beach, Miami. Flights Included!



Monster Free Vacation to Vietnam
file000532500527USA to Madrid and Barcelona. Yes Free!



Zanzibar, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro… just two credit cards away

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