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Chase Sapphire Preferred New 55K Points Offer–Like the Good Al’ Times, but Better!



Some blogs are reporting the offer as dead. I can still access it as of 5.55 PM EST. If you see 40,000 points when you click on the link, try manually copy the link and paste it in Incognito (Chrome) or In-Private (IE). Please report your experiences  

There is finally some good news we could enjoy. Chase has just announced a new 55,000 bonus for its Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. You will receive 50,000 points after meeting the $3,000 spend requirement in 3 months and another 5,000 points after adding an authorized user. Their regular offer before that was 40,000 points which was already a great deal, as well.

Of course, Chase had their hand forced after recent devaluations of United Mileage Plus and Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty programs. Nevertheless, this new bonus makes this card the very best credit card offer publicly available. In the very least, 55,000 points translate into $550. And you can still get much better value for booking travel or transferring your points to partners–devaluation or not.

The annual fee is waived for the first year, $125 after that. The annual fee seems to be up from the last deal, but no one forces you to keep the card. You can just cancel in 11 months after using up your bonus.

Get your application HERE. Just to remind you, I do not get paid when you click on any of my credit card links.

Here are the UR transfer partners:

British Airways

Korean Air

Southwest Airlines

United MileagePlus

Virgin Atlantic

Amtrak Guest Rewards



The Ritz-Carlton





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