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​This Bank Can Throw a Wrench Into Your Smooth Business Cards Application Plans

In my recent posts I’ve advocated applying for a number of business cards before filling up your Chase 5/24 “slots.” My reasoning was simple: we know that the vast majority of issuers (including Chase) don’t report business cards to credit bureaus, so Chase can’t see how many business cards you’ve actually gotten in the lastContinue Reading

Best in Miles, Points, Credit Cards, Travel and More: News Digest Aug 1 — Aug 7 2021

As you know (or not) I don’t normally repost info that can be found in major blogs unless I can add something substantial to what has already been said. I used to run some weekly digests, which I quit because it wasn’t — I don’t know — satisfying. And yet, after 1.5 years of theContinue Reading

Here Are the Best Business Credit Cards for Travel and My Own Tally So Far

This post is somewhat of an addendum to my 5/24 guide. In 2021 Go Chase or Go Home – The Ultimate Guide to the 5/24 State of Mind I know it’s overly ambitious to claim that I know what best business credit cards for travel are, so it goes without saying that everything in thisContinue Reading

In 2021 Go Chase or Go Home – The Ultimate Guide to the 5/24 State of Mind

  A few years ago, I predicted that Chase would pay dearly for the 5/24 assault on us miles and points enthusiasts. I also proclaimed (quite feistily) that I wasn’t going to live my life by cutting down on my churning routines to comply with those dumb and ridiculous Chase limitations. There are plenty ofContinue Reading

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Annual Fee Waiver at a Branch Has Ended … Kinda, Sorta … Plus More ($750) Love From Chase

  Chase has been running its awesome 100,000-point welcome bonus for a few months now, and it’s a fantastic deal even with the $95 annual fee. However, it’s been known that you can sweeten the deal even more by applying at a branch, which would get your Chase Sapphire Preferred annual fee waived for theContinue Reading

There Is a New Tripadvisor Credit Card in the Works

  Tripadvisor is on the lookout for a credit card partner to cover the $95 price tag for its TA Plus subscription service. That’s a smart because I somehow don’t see hordes of travelers dying to part with almost $100 for some vaguely described Tripadvisor Plus benefits. If you have no idea what Tripadvisor PlusContinue Reading

New Radisson Rewards 2021 Changes: Part 2 — Digging for Values in Europe and Around the World

  This is a mammoth post, the longest I’ve ever written. I was working on it for a few days and enjoyed every minute of it (and I don’t have a single Radisson point at the moment). If you think that’s a bit nutty, you ain’t wrong. 🙂 Here is my previous post on theContinue Reading

New Radisson Rewards 2021 Changes: Part 1 — Digging for Values in the Americas

  As you probably know at this point, there are new Radisson Rewards 2021 changes slated for June. Radisson Rewards is splitting into two programs in June 2021: Radisson Rewards Americas and Radisson Rewards, which covers the rest of the world. The real reason why Radisson has to “simplify” and “enhance” its loyalty program isContinue Reading

State of the Credit 2021: FICO? What FICO?

  Your excellent FICO credit score is worth less nowadays than it used to 10  years ago. That’s the truth. Just thought I’d let everyone know. 🙂 I wrote this post mostly for newbies in response to a few emails I received in the last couple of months. But even if you’re a veteran youContinue Reading

Back to the Basics: Cheapest Miles to Europe in the Post-COVID-19 World

    UPDATED 12.21.2020 (see Cheapest miles to Europe in Economy, #2) Whether you’ve noticed or not, I’ve taken a hell of a sabbatical lately on my blog. I’ve been fortunate so far because while I’ve lost some writing gigs, they’ve been mostly replaced by others. But I haven’t traveled since February, and my heartContinue Reading

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