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Best in Miles, Points, Credit Cards, Travel and More: Around the Web Aug 15 — Aug 21 2021 August 15, 2021

  Here are some interesting articles and posts from around the blogosphere. Planes The 25% Citi transfer bonus to Avianca LifeMiles has been extended until Aug 27. Here is a brief post from Doctor of Credit to remind us that this bonus is not an isolated case (historically speaking), LOL. The post below is aContinue Reading

Considering a Last Ditch Attempt to Snag Hyatt Globalist Status in 2021?

So now that the new Hyatt card promo offers 2 Hyatt elite nights for every paid or award night at a hotel – does it move the needle for you? In 2021 Hyatt reduced elite tier earning requirements by 50%. Until December 31, Hyatt Globalist status can be yours for only 30 Tier-Qualifying (elite) nights,Continue Reading

Right Now You Can Transfer Citi Points to American or Avianca (With the 25% Bonus). Should You?

You can transfer your Citi points to Avianca LifeMiles with a 25% bonus (until Aug 20). UPDATE 8.20.21: Extended until August 27. Or you can transfer your Citi points to American AAdvantage (until Nov 13). For many this is a no-brainer. American AAdvantage is a venerable program. It’s much easier to use, not nearly asContinue Reading

​This Bank Can Throw a Wrench Into Your Smooth Business Cards Application Plans

In my recent posts I’ve advocated applying for a number of business cards before filling up your Chase 5/24 “slots.” My reasoning was simple: we know that the vast majority of issuers (including Chase) don’t report business cards to credit bureaus, so Chase can’t see how many business cards you’ve actually gotten in the lastContinue Reading

Here Are the Best Business Credit Cards for Travel and My Own Tally So Far

This post is somewhat of an addendum to my 5/24 guide. In 2021 Go Chase or Go Home – The Ultimate Guide to the 5/24 State of Mind I know it’s overly ambitious to claim that I know what best business credit cards for travel are, so it goes without saying that everything in thisContinue Reading

In 2021 Go Chase or Go Home – The Ultimate Guide to the 5/24 State of Mind

  A few years ago, I predicted that Chase would pay dearly for the 5/24 assault on us miles and points enthusiasts. I also proclaimed (quite feistily) that I wasn’t going to live my life by cutting down on my churning routines to comply with those dumb and ridiculous Chase limitations. There are plenty ofContinue Reading

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Annual Fee Waiver at a Branch Has Ended … Kinda, Sorta … Plus More ($750) Love From Chase

  Chase has been running its awesome 100,000-point welcome bonus for a few months now, and it’s a fantastic deal even with the $95 annual fee. However, it’s been known that you can sweeten the deal even more by applying at a branch, which would get your Chase Sapphire Preferred annual fee waived for theContinue Reading

I’m Not Going to Brazil After All: Here Is My Cancellation Story

  Here is my previous post on the topic: I’m Fully Vaccinated With Moderna. Should I Go to Brazil This Summer As Planned? Against my best judgment I almost went to Brazil yesterday. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be, due to a family emergency that had absolutely nothing to do with Covid. Oh well. That broughtContinue Reading

Two New 25% Transfer Bonuses to Avianca LifeMiles and Why This Is a Great Use of Your Points

  A 25% transfer bonus to Avianca is not a rare occurrence (both AmEx and Citi have offered it in the past), but the current offer comes from two other partners. You need to log in to your LifeMiles account to see the promotion (HT: Frequent Miler). I must confess, I’ve been contemplating the unthinkableContinue Reading

Luxury Vacation on a Budget? Rent Your Cheap Luxury Villa Now!

  I have no affiliation, paid or unpaid, with any company or individuals I’m linking to in this article! Cheap luxury villas, huh? Well, I can almost smell the pessimism. But if this headline sounds like an advertisement to you — don’t worry, no one makes any money here (gulp). I’m seeing very attractive prices aroundContinue Reading

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