What You Don’t Know Can Save You Money

What You Don’t Know Can Save You Money



US Bank FlexPerks Benefit You Might’ve Not Known About

I always tell everyone to read the fine print because small print can be the most important print in the world. In addition, small print doesn’t always mean gotcha. Sometimes it hides very important benefits, too. And yet, I regularly fail to follow my own advice. What do you call a fellow like that? Those who can’t do–teach, right?

A relative wanted to book a flight to Chicago, and being a charitable fellow, I wanted to help. The cheapest flight I found for her date out of NYC (that wasn’t Spirit) would cost me $212. Perfect, I thought. I went to my US Bank FlexPerks website where I still had a stash of about 12,000 points after blowing 30,000 on my Asia short hop flights. And then I realized I couldn’t. You can only redeem the flight starting at 20,000 points.

Bummer! Now I have to manufacture 8,000 points with US Bank.

If you think this is what I had failed to read in the small print, then you’re wrong. I knew about this rule; but I simply forgot.

But what I didn’t know because I’d failed to read the fine print in the brochure they sent me, was that Flex Perks would give you a $25 allowance that you can use to pay for a bag or for on-board food and beverages. I went to FlexPerks reward site and found this:

Receive reimbursement up to $25 per air travel award ticket toward possible airline expenses, including any baggage fees or in-flight food and drinks charged to your FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature card. After travel, just call Cardmember Services at 877-978-7446 to request a statement credit within 90 days of your award ticket travel flight.

Did you know about that? Kudos to you. I didn’t — because I decided that the standard fine print in the brochure wasn’t worth my attention.

American Express Platinum Card Will Reimburse ANYONE $100 for Global Entry

According to TPG, you can use your American Express card to pay for someone else’s Global Entry. I had no idea it was possible. I closed my Amex Plat about a month ago, but should I have known, I would’ve used it to help out one of my many family members. Apparently–and obviously if I just thought about it for a moment–Amex has no way of knowing who you’re paying for. It’s ridiculous how easy, yet stealth, some savings can be.

You Can Get the Second Citi AAdvantage Executive Card 100,000-mile Bonus 

Yes, according to PointChaser you can. Churning AAdvantage cards has been a thing of a past since August, but before you start making plans for getting your two business-class tickets to Europe remember two things.

  • It’s still going to cost you $450 in annual fee. Well, actually, $250 after the statement credit, but still.
  • You have to spend $10,000 in three months. Not for the faint of heart!

Otherwise, it’s totally worth it. Go get it!


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