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The other day I stumbled upon an excellent post from a fellow blogger about fake subway maps infographics (I wish, I saved the link when I got it off Twitter, but I didn’t, sorry). I don’t know which rock I’ve lived under for the last few years, but until I checked them out, I’d never thought how truly awesome this kind of infographics is. Now, I might be hopelessly stuck in the 90-s, but I don’t like infographics. As soon as we discard the coolness factor, most of them are simply useless; they are either complex, incomplete, vague, or downright ridiculous (although that is not the fault of the medium).

In any case, what’s frustrated me a lot about infographics, is why even bother making them, if most are harder to understand than plain text?

Enter fake subway maps. What a thing of beauty!

Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been in this hobby, I can’t remember all these transfer partners by heart, and honestly, why should I? The whole idea of a subway map is to translate a lot of information into a signal or an idea that is easy to follow — whatever background, education and experience you might have. So here is my first experiment. Imperfect, it might be, but see if you like it or not anyway, and tell me what you would like me to with them in the future.

Not your thing? Don’t worry. Here is an old-fashioned, but still color-coded table.


  • Airlines in GREEN: transfer is available from 4 programs
  • ORANGE: 3 programs
  • RED: 2 programs
  • BLUE: 1 program
SPG AMEX MR Diners Club CITI ThankYou Chase UR
British Airways British Airways British Airways   British Airways
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines   Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic   Virgin Atlantic
Air Canada     Air Canada     Air Canada    
Air France & KLM Air France & KLM   Air France & KLM  
Cathay Pacific            Cathay Pacific              Cathay Pacific  
Delta Air Lines            Delta Air Lines            Delta Air Lines    
Hawaiian Airlines            Hawaiian Airlines Hawaiian Airlines    
Thai Airways   Thai Airways Thai Airways  
Alaska Airlines               Alaska Airlines    
Alitalia Alitalia EVA Air EVA Air  
All Nippon Airways (ANA) All Nippon Airways (ANA)      
Emirates Emirates                
Etihad Airways     Etihad Guest  
Qatar Airways     Qatar Airways  
  El Al El AL    
 AeroMexico   AeroMexico Southwest   Southwest
Frontier Airlines Garuda Indonesia Korean Air           
Air Berlin          Iceland Air      Malaysia Airlines United
Air China Iberia Airline SAS Scandinavian Airlines Qantas Airlines  
Air New Zealand JetBlue Airways South African Airways    
GOL Airlines Virgin America      
Hainan Airlines        
American Airlines        
Asiana Airlines        
China Eastern Airlines        
China Southern        
Japan Airlines (JAL)        
Jet Airways        
Arabian Saudi Airlines        
United Airlines        


And here are the infographics. I was thinking of doing it all in one map, but I decided against it. That would be too clumsy. So the first map is what I call megastations. Those are the airline that are the members of four credit card programs. And the rest are all the others. Enjoy!


SPG Airline Transfer Partners

SPG  Transfer Partners

AMEX Transfer Partners

AMEX Transfer Partners

Citi TU Transfer Partners

Citi TU Transfer Partners

Diners ClubTransfer Partners

Diners  Transfer  Partners

Chase UR Transfer Partners

Chase UR Transfer Partners





Airline Transfer Map 1: Megastations

Airline Transfer Subway Map 1: Megastations


Airline Transfer Subway Map - 2

Airline Transfer Subway Map – 2

Let me know what you think, and how I can make it better.


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Photo By: Andy Walton






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Shouldn’t United have a green line to it?


well done!

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