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Chase Marriott Business 70,000 points Offer

Citi Hilton HHonors 60,000 Points Offer

Where to begin? Oh, here we go. My Hilton Los Cabos 5-day booking for 2,000 HHonors points got canceled. Great! One less wasteful leisure trip, I guess. 🙁

Think When You Call Yourself a Hacker

If you didn’t know, there is fantastic Business Class availability to Dublin on Aer Lingus out of Boston and New York. That’s a 50,000 Avios flight in Business Class to Europe (from Boston), mind you, so you need to ask yourself if you are going to allow this opportunity to slip away. Of course. there is a little issue of BA being hacked which is why they removed all your miles as a precaution, but, not to worry, you can still call British Airways and book your flight (something you have to do anything for Aer Lingus), even though it also means waiting, perhaps, for hours, because now everyone else is doing the same thing to fly… well, wherever. But look at the bright side: you will have enough time for relaxing meditation. Just put it on speakerphone, close your eyes and turn into a lotus. You’re welcome!

Also speaking of hacks. You will be pleased to know that Uber account has been hacked too, and that someone out there is selling your and my personal information for a buck a piece. I liked this comment from one of the sellers:

I will guarantee that they are valid and live ONLY. Discounts on bulk purchases,

It looks like only crooks can be trusted nowadays. Bravo!

Best part? Uber has no idea they’ve been hacked. Or so they say anyway.

If you don’t get my comedy, it means go and change your Uber password now!

New Citi Hilton 60,000 Point Bonus

There is a new Citi Hilton HHonors 60,000-point bonus, which is a great thing, right? Well, in the world of miles and points, nothing is easy. It is good, but only if you haven’t had the Citi Hilton HHonors in the previous 18 months, and who on earth haven’t had that card already? So if you have had this card in the last 18 months, than stick to the old, churnable 50,000-point card and ask for the 10,000-point adjustment. You might get it, who knows, but even if not — let’s try not be too greedy!

Chase Marriott Business 70,000 Point Bonus

The Chase Marriott business card has come up with a 70,000-point bonus, as if to compensate road warriors for the latest devaluation. So, that is that. I will take whatever silver lining I can think of — it’s all about angles.

Chase Marriott Business 70,000 points Offer

Chase Marriott Business 70,000 points Offer

American and US Air Miles Have Been Combined for Some Accounts

My American and US Air miles have been combined on the AA site already. Yey! Of course, as they have merged now, every new day is bringing us closer to the inevitable — massive incoming devaluation of the American Airline AAdvantage program, but since it is inevitable better to have all these miles in one place. I have a feeling I’ll need them.

Virgin Australia Award Seats Are Back on Delta

Lucky from One Mile at a Time reports that Virgin Australia Business Class, which was widely available once, then disappeared from the face of the earth (AKA Delta Award Calendar) is once again bookable on Delta. If you think you could use a vacation in Australia/New Zealand, grab it while you can.

More Goodies

Doctor of Credit reports that you can have the Chase Southwest Business Premier card 60,000-mile bonus if you call and ask nicely (and use code DF01, too). Great for that Companion Certificate and valid until April 27th, 2015.

There is a good $200 banking bonus from National/Charter Banks. (Tip of the Hat to DOC again). These bonuses are usually conditioned upon direct deposits, which I hate, but this one is not. The terms are easy, and the only trick is, that you have to open your account at the participating supermarket! What the..! Valid until March 31.

Well, that’s all about miles and points, folks. Have I missed anything bright and shiny? Tell me here!


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