Hilton Los Cabos — Another Price Mistake Went Up in Flames (Reportedly)



Hilton San Jose Del Cabo

Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort


I booked an award stay at the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort yesterday.

I found it on Twitter. 279 HHonor points for a night at Hilton Los Cabos. Twitter is the place where price and fare mistakes come to live. And die–about 5 minutes later.

I saw 279 points first, and Hilton Los Cabos distant second, and I told myself: boy I totally need this thing. I deserve it. I can’t live without it. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t get it.

And so I did.

It took me two tries, because I wouldn’t take it for less than 5 days–who do you think I am? The dates that were just available a second ago, would die right under my fingerprints, but eventually, I got it. Five days at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort for 1,395 HHonors pesos points. Wow!

As you can notice, they have failed to apply my Elite VIP 5th night free benefit, but that’s OK — I forgive them. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

Hilton Los Cabos Confirmation

Hilton Los Cabos Confirmation

But after I nailed it, I had to play a little Q&A session with myself to decide if I’m totally nuts or if there was still a hope.

This is a mental F&Q exchange with myself that followed.

Is this a good hotel?

I don’t know. Reviews are mostly great, though.

Is it close to home?

Hell, no. San Jose del Cabo is at the very south of Baja California (coincidentally, I did a post with some tidbits about Cabo a couple of days ago). I would have to take a long connecting flight from the East Coast, and I would have to burn some of my valuable miles to get there.

Do you desperately need a beach vacation?

Always, but then Cancun is merely 3.5 hours away.

Are you even sure, you’ll have a vacation time in September?

Absolutely not. I have a trip to Paris planned for August and to SE Asia in October. And I do have to work sometimes.

Will Hilton even honor this?

Probably not.

Why then? Why, why, why?

Because… I don’t know… this.

Hilton Los Cabos

Hilton Los Cabos Price Mistake

To give you an idea how short-lived this deal was, here is a curious datapoint. By the time most bloggers got to write about the price mistake, it had already been dead. I did too, but when I came back to check if I could still make the booking, I got bubkes. So I decided to refrain from polluting the broadband for no reason and deleted my post.

But that was yesterday. Today is another day. 🙂

UPDATE: Lucky from One Mile at a Time reports that Hilton is canceling the reservations with hilarious letters that you need to read for yourselves. I have not received an email, and my reservation is still intact at the time of writing. Not for long, I suppose. Oh, well.

UPDATE 2: Got the cancellation email. Oh, well. That was fun.


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