That $19 Offer for an All Inclusive Resort Is Still Working, And a Hack




Gone as of 08/06

The $19 PPPN offer I wrote about in my previous post: No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN! is still going strong even after the supposed expiration date. No surprise there, as they did it in the past, too. One thing I forgot to mention, however, is that even though the resort limits you to a 7-day stay, you can get more. So if you do have a lot of “go-time” read on.

A few years ago, the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort a Spa acquired another close-by resort called Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort (choose the “hotel only” option when you book to get to the right price). Since then, they have been operating as one resort, but they do have their own booking systems and check-in areas. Now, a room at the Cofresi costs more, $29 PPPN, but it is still an amazing bargain. What I forgot to mention in my previous post (and what my reader Amber cordially reminded me) is that you can book up to two weeks: one at the Lifestyle and another one at the Cofresi.

Could they not let you stay for the second term? I can‘t imagine on what grounds, since they would’ve taken your reservation and allowed you to pay. I personally haven’t done that, so can’t guarantee anything,  but I find this possibility highly unlikely.

Here is a very short FAQ based on some questions I have received in the email.

Q. Are these two parties worth going?

A. The Sunday party definitely is. Lots of food, premium booze, and a lot of fun, too. The Thursday party I didn’t enjoy nearly that much.

Q. But we won’t have access to all areas and restaurants with our wristbands, right?

A. That’s right. But you are not going to sweat the little things for $19 a night, are you? Believe me, the access you do get is plenty! Read the full list here again.

Q. Can I pay more for a single supplement?

A. Of course, but that’s going to be a regular price, so it’s not worth it.

Q. Can we take the kid(s)?

A. Yes, the booking will price a little higher,  but it’s still a bargain.

Q. Can I take advantage of this deal as a single parent? 

A. No, the price gets much higher if there are less than two adults in the room.

Q. Why do they price it (much) cheaper for two adults than for one, or one with a child? It doesn’t make any sense.

A. Actually, it does. Couples are their demographics, and singles or single parents are not.  Remember that they want to sell you a timeshare.

Q. Do I have to attend a time-share presentation in conjunction with this deal?

A. No.

Q. Should I buy a timeshare?

A. Really?

That’s it, folks!


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Hi, are there specific dates that this works for?


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