No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN!




I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these guys, but just three weeks after their Fourth of July Sale, Cheap Caribbean is putting them on sale again, this time as a part of a bigger promotion. I have covered this resort so many times before, that I am not going to do it again. Here are the links if you want to know every morbid detail about this place.

Life Tropical Five-Day Sale

This is the most detailed description of the Lifestyle Tropical you will ever find: 

$15 All-Inclusive Deal at Lifestyle Tropical in DR for 15 Hours On Cyber Monday

And this is the most detailed account of what is good and what isn’t about the Lifestyle Tropical you will ever find: 

$19 PP a Day for an All-Inclusive Hotel. Does It Go Better Than That?

Here is an example of a 6-night package for two. Please note, since they really want to sell you a timeshare, they want two adults in the room. You will pay a slightly higher rate if you bring a kid, but there is no single supplement at this resort. You will pay the full price whether you are coming alone or if you are a single parent with a child. In other words, any deviation from their idea of perfect demographics will penalize you financially. Hey, it is what it is.

Lifestyle Room

I can’t say it doesn’t boggle my mind that so few people from our own community take this deal seriously. I have been to this resort twice before, and it’s been great! So the food is not Michelin material, but it’s perfectly fine. So the beach is not on the Caribbean Sea, but the Atlantic Ocean. So the entertainment is not top notch, and they could do a better job about housekeeping. So they are trying to sell you timeshare, so what?

It’s $19 a night. 19! Dollars! A night!

In return, you get to stay at a huge All-Inclusive resort with 4-star grounds, multiple pools, excellent VIP beach with daybeds and cold-water Jacuzzis, and two smashing parties. 

It’s OK to be skeptical, but it’s not OK to be prejudiced and stubborn, especially for a travel hacker. I know I might catch a lot of flack for this, but I’ll say it anyway.

Just because something does sound too good to be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it ain’t!

Now, in order to reassure my most skeptical readers, allow me to mention (in passing) that I do not receive any compensations for posting this deal. I would not be writing about it so often if I didn’t believe that this is a truly outstanding bargain, and there is nothing in the world quite like it.

Please anyone, prove me wrong.

If Lifestyle Tropical does not appeal to you, there are other all-inclusive resorts on sale, too. However, none of them measures up to this deal, IMHO.

All-Inclusive Resorts Under $50 Per Person Per Night

I mean, seriously, not every trip is about vendoming (thanks Dia 🙂 ). Start living today and have fun. You can’t even eat at home for $19 a night, can you?

My cousin Timmy and I are going to be there in October/November. Anyone who’s planning to be there and say hi or talk about our hobby–let me know and let’s have a drink or two. I’m  buying. 🙂




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I will be there with the hubby from Nov. 1 – 12, we booked the Cyber Monday deal. We booked half the stay in Cofresi then to the Tropical as the sale limit was 7 nights per resort. I was skeptical but your previous posts helped. How do you navigate checking out of one and in to the other? Is it frowned upon or how does it work as I assume you must be booking the max nights at each resort?

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