New Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus — Should You Apply?



Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

Now, usually when you see a question like that in the title on other blogs, it may mean only one thing — SURE! In this case, however, I honestly don’t know and could address this question to myself. Not that I can apply for the Ritz Carlton card, since I have had one for two years, but my wife can. The question is: should she?

Is This Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus Really Good?

Yes, and it’s not just the bonus. Here is how the new offer stacks against the old one (which, by the way, is still available, but will be replaced by the new Infinity card according to Reddit). The main difference, of course, is the new Chase Ritz Carlton bonus, but there are more (bolded).

Chase Ritz-Carlton 3 Free Nights (Tiers 1-4) Offer

  • Spend Requirement: $5K/3mths.
  • Annual Fee: $450.
  • $300 Airline Incidentals Credit
  • 10K points for adding an authorized user
  • $100 off your qualified RT flights.
  • Gold Status for Marriott and Ritz Carlton for the first year.
  • Priority Pass Lounge Access.
  • Global Entry application fee credit
  • More perks, see my reviews of this card: 1 2

Chase Ritz-Carlton 2 Free Nights (Tiers 1-4) Offer

  • Spend Requirement: $4K/3mths.
  • Annual Fee: $395.
  • $300 Airline Incidentals Credit
  • Gold Status for Marriott and Ritz Carlton for the first year.
  • Lounge Club Access.

Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

These are just the most important benefits, or the most important benefits from my point of view. I reviewed this card in depth when there was a 70K-140K offer on it, and it’s unlikely that any of those benefits are going away, although we don’t know for sure yet, as the details on the Ritz Carlton site are sketchy.

Just Got My New Chase Ritz Carlton Card–Is It the Best Reward Card Ever?

So, on a negative side, the AF is $55 more and the spending requirement is $1,000 more. On a positive side, you’re getting one extra night, 10,000 points (good for Ritz Carlton and Marriott), and access to Priority Pass that has over 900 lounges worldwide, or 2.5 more lounges than Lounge Club. According to some reports, the new PP benefit includes free access to the family and guests just like the current Lounge Club card. Well, being “infinite”, I guess it should. If true, this puts it in the Citi Prestige league, as AMEX Platinum cards don’t allow free guest access.

There are other tangible benefits, too, like $100 off 2-5 RT tickets purchased on their special site; and that site, according to several reports doesn’t gouge on fares.

In terms of some people having issues with using a $300 “incidental” credit, you shouldn’t if you do it right. I have never had an issue of getting reimbursed when I called. Just don’t try to get the whole $300 credit in one sitting even if you’re as lazy as me.

Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

But There Are Only Tiers 1-4

Aha, and your point is? That’s 4 out of 5, not out of 8. Here is the short list of the hotels they are unavailable for this bonus.

Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

And these are the top Tier 4 hotels (presuming that you want the best value), available for the redemption.

Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

I don’t know if I’m totally crazy but some of these are beyond terrific. Half Moon Bay, Kapalua, San Francisco, Barcelona — I’m not sure I’m liking these choices any less than the top Tier 5 properties. As to can they be a great value — you tell me.

Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus

So a great card, agreed? And judging by its predecessor, not the part of the dreadful 5/24 routine.

But this Why You Might Want to Wait

There is a new Chase Sapphire Reserve card with a 100,000 points bonus coming out on August 21. And if my theory is correct, it might not be the part of the 5/24, at least for the initial push. I like that card much better than even this great Chase Ritz Carlton bonus, and I’m not sure if my wife is going to be able to stack both of them successfully (shorter credit history, lower income, as she was a stay-home mom for a long time, and a few Chase cards already under her belt). Remember that these “infinite” cards have been designed for high net-value individuals. 🙂

So, if you are in a similar boat, you might want to wait until the Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes out (which is also Infinite, btw), and apply for it first. Actually strike that. Wait until other people take one for the team and apply for it to figure out whether it’s a 5/24 card or not. Then get this fabulous Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus — there is no rush, at least for now.

The pics of RC hotels in the order of appearance: Half Moon Bay, Kapalua, Barcelona.

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I read somewhere that the card’s free nights are very hard to book—that they limit the availability to such an extent, that it’s a problem.

Any personal experience here?

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I got this card. The travel credits are a pain compared to citi prestige. I don’t see any reason why I will keep this beyond the first year.

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