More About New Super-Duper Chase Sapphire Reserve (?) Elite (?) Credit Card with Lots of “Ifs”



Chase Sapphire Reserve

Funny. It feels as if just yesterday I was talking about the rumors of a new supercharged Chase Sapphire Reserve (or Chase Sapphire Elite) card coming out our way.

Oh wait! You’re saying it was yesterday? Gee, time doesn’t really fly, does it? Liars!

Yesterday night, the original poster mvcore updated the news on FT.

Ok so I was able to speak with my sources finally and here is what I know / had confirmed this week (some new news and some old news):

$450.00 Annual Fee
100K UR Sign up Bonus
$300.00 Airline Credit
Priority Pass Select
3X Points Travel
3X Points Dining (Yes 3X for Dining)
Visa Infinite

There will be more perks but I don’t know the specifics

Doctor of Credit has also confirmed the rumored arrival (yes, I feel the irony) of the rumored Chase Sapphire Reserve (or Chase Sapphire Elite) card and added some other details.

Card Will Be A Visa Infinite

A few days ago we shared some details about a new premium Chase Sapphire card that would be coming out, we currently have the following rumored information:

  • 100,000 Chase UR point sign up bonus

  • Card is expected to launch on August 21st, 2016

  • Annual fee of $300-$400

  • Card earns 3x Chase UR on travel purchases

I have no idea whether it’s indeed going to be called Chase Sapphire Reserve or whatever or if I necessarily care about the “Infinite” benefits, but if this card is coming out, if there is a 100K points bonus, if there is a $300 airline credit, and if Chase eases on its infamous 5/24 policy for this particular card, I’ll grab it. I’ve had a good track record getting every single penny out of the Chase Ritz Carlton $300 annual credit, so I don’t expect to hit insurmountable barriers with this one. And since I’m not going into a 2-year hiatus just to please Chase, who knows when I can get more UR points again?

But, am I going to hold my breath till August 21st? No, I’m not, but thank you all for asking. 🙂


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