Considering a Last Ditch Attempt to Snag Hyatt Globalist Status in 2021?


double hyatt card elite nights

So now that the new Hyatt card promo offers 2 Hyatt elite nights for every paid or award night at a hotel – does it move the needle for you?

In 2021 Hyatt reduced elite tier earning requirements by 50%. Until December 31, Hyatt Globalist status can be yours for only 30 Tier-Qualifying (elite) nights, but 2021 is wrapping up. After that, it’s back to 60.

Let me tell you something right away so you can go and spend time with your family or whatever. If you’re a Globalist member already – don’t apply for this card, it’s awful.

If you’re not Globalist there is something to think about.

Me? I’m a bit conflicted to tell you the truth.

​This is why the Hyatt Card in its current form is awful

Because of the welcome bonus!

When a welcome bonus is awful, the card is awful. It’s simple math. Nothing is more important in a credit card, IMHO,  than a welcome bonus.

Hyatt is offering 30,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 in the first three months and another 30,000 bonus points after spending $15,000 in the first six months. Basically, the second 30,000-point part of the bonus is for spending $12,000, which amounts to 2.5 points per dollar. Is that a horrible value proposition?

Well, no, but same time last year Hyatt was offering 50,000 points for spending $6,000.

Hence, Hyatt has drastically devalued its welcome bonus by making you spend $9,000 more for only 10,000 more points. Keep in mind that the Chase Freedom Unlimited lets you earn 1.5 UR points on everyday spend, and, if you also have a Chase premium UR card, you can transfer these points to Hyatt. So all that the Hyatt bonus does (well, the second half of it) is just adds one extra point to what you could earn any time with a no-annual-fee card like Freedom Unlimited.

Banks always play games with welcome bonuses. There is a good chance that Chase might improve the bonus for the Hyatt card in the future one way or another.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen before the end of 2021. And herein lies a problem.

Hyatt Globalist status is the best top tier compared to other hotel programs 

In 2021 you can earn Globalist status with 30 elite nights versus regular 60. I have almost no doubt it’ll go back to 60 in 2022 (tourism is rapidly recovering after all).

Keep in mind, though, that while Globalist is great, other Hyatt tiers don’t do much. Hilton has the best mid-tier (Gold) benefits with breakfast and lounge access in some locations.

I’m Hyatt Explorist, which is just one tier down from Globalist, and yet, it doesn’t do anything for me. At least anything that I’d notice.

That’s because Globalist status does three awesome things Explorist does not:

  • Confirmed upgrade to a standard suite
  • Free breakfast or lounge access
  • Free Parking on Free Nights

Funny how these three little bennies make all the difference in the world, don’t you think? 🙂

​How does getting the Hyatt card now help you achieve Globalist status?

Hyatt cardholders are getting two elite points for every $5,000 they spend on the card. You can theoretically reach Globalist without spending a minute at Hyatt, but that’s a lot of dough!

But this latest promo gets you 2 elite nights for every night you stay if you apply for the Hyatt card by September 30, 2021.

Let’s presume you currently have no Hyatt elite points. What’s the plan?

First you need to spend $15,000 within the first 6 months to get the full 60,000-point bonus anyway. Here’s what you’ll be getting.

  • 60,000 bonus points
  • 6 elite nights (2 elite nights for every $5,000 of spend)
  • 5 elite nights for having the card

All that means that if you can spend $15,000 by December 31, you’ll only need to stay 10 nights at Hyatt until the end of 2021 to reach Globalist status (20 + 6  + 5 = 31).

Of course, you have six months to get the second 30,000 bonus points, so you don’t have to spend $15,000 by the year’s end. In that case, however, you’ll have to give Hyatt more stays. For example, if you can only spend $10,000 by December 31, you’ll need to stay at Hyatt 11 nights in 2021 to become a Globalist.

​What else would you be getting?

  • A free night certificate after paying the annual fee
  • A free night certificate after spending $15,000 on the card
  • A free night certificate after reaching the 30,000-point Milestone Reward
  • Regular (and pretty good) promos for Hyatt cardholders

In other words, after you’re done with earning your full bonus and Globalist status, you’ll get 3 free nights at Hyatt. Not too shabby, huh?

Note that the free night certificates are only valid at Category 1-4 hotels, though.

​Sounds like a great deal, right?

Yes, and under the right circumstances, it is.

However, a huge spending requirement combined with a relatively small bonus gives me pause. You could earn a lot of other points or even simple cash back on the $12,000 spend required to get the second half of the 60,000-point haul.

Spending $12,000 on a boring 2% cashback card, like Citi Double Cash, would get you $240. You need to remember that this is the minimum cost of earning 30,000 points and Globalist status. Of course, a free night at a Category 1-4 hotel is worth something too, so I’m not knocking it.

However, if you put $12,000 on a 3% cashback card like the first-year Discover Miles or Santander, the cost of getting all these Hyatt goodies increases to $360.

And that’s hardly the final option. For those with a premium Citi card like Premier or Prestige, the Double Cash can earn 2 ThankYou points per $1. Everyone values credit card points differently, but the ratio is surely better than 1:1.

You still have to stay at Hyatt in 2021

I don’t recommend mattress runs, just like I’ve never bothered with mileage runs when they were “a thing.” Seriously, if you can’t stay at Hyatt organically, don’t do that.

Even if you can find a hotel that would agree to check you in and out remotely, you’re still wasting money. Unless, I don’t know, you only need 1-4 elite nights to seal the deal.

As to me, I could actually use a few stays at Hyatt. I hope to attend at least one conference where there is a Hyatt very close to the conference hotel. I’m also considering a lazy all-inclusive stay at either Ziva or Zilara, plus a road trip to our favorite Hyatt Place in the Hamptons (OK, close to the Hamptons 🙂 ). That would get me more than enough nights to earn Globalist.

If only it weren’t for this lousy welcome bonus, LOL!

​Let’s recap

The new Chase Hyatt card promo lets you earn 2 elite nights for every night at a Hyatt property (paid with either cash or points). Combined with the slashed Globalist earning requirements in 2021 (30 elite nights versus 60), this presents a great opportunity to earn the top Hyatt Globalist status valid until February 2023. In addition, you can get 60,000 bonus points and 3 free Hyatt night certificates (for Cat 1-4) after spending $15,000. However, if you’re already a Globalist or don’t have plans to stay at a Hyatt regardless of this promotion, I’d probably wait for a better bonus.


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The Zilara in Montego Bay is pretty great. My wife and I are going there again in October since more ambitious trips like Bali are not very prudent right now, even where allowed.

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