Credit Cards: What Are They Good for (Beyond the Obvious)


I have one criteria (or criterion for you, grammar majors) for choosing a credit card, and that’s a sign-up bonus. Seriously, all other bennies are just the frosting on the cake for me, and as everyone knows frosting is useless without the cake. What’s the cake again? Why, a sign up bonus, of course! I will take all those 2x, 3x, and 5x, as long as I don’t have to remember which card to use where, and I will not say no to hotel status, free breakfast and an occasional upgrade.

But those are all the bells and the whistles to me and not the trophy, the booty, the loot. However, after so many years of drawing blank stares from my relatives and friends, I have to admit, I’m probably getting something wrong. There have got to be some other credit card benefits that I’m missing with all these sign-up-bonus bonanzas. Read more

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