Credit Card Car Insurance Coverage–Not Created Equal!

The Jag at the Breakers
Stuck in Customs / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

So, to continue yesterday’s discussion, are there other features in credit cards that are important too, except, of course, sign-up bonuses and cashback? Yes, but not that many, IMHO.

The thing is, if you have one of the top credit cards, like World Master, Visa Signature, American Express or even Discover, you’ve already gotten the best perks and they are pretty much redundant. You normally get an extra year added to your Manufacturer Warranty; you get Purchase Protection, Travel Accident Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance, Lost Luggage Protection, and so on. Of course, the details may differ, but the perks are there. All that stuff is pretty standard among the three credit card networks (and Discover, to a lesser extent). That includes car rental insurance coverage, too. Read more… 

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