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One Day in Dubai

  Part 1: Mandatory Emirates First Class Review: NEW YORK-DUBAI EK204 AED 3.7 = $1 I was determined to make the best out of my 12-hour (give or take) layover and booked a couple of things in advance. First, a tour on Groupon which turned out to be almost the opposite of what it promised.Continue Reading

Toilets in Paris and Disabled Travelers

I know what you’re thinking. Eiffel or Monparnasse? Notre Dame or Sainte-Chapelle? Pont des Arts or Pont Neuf? Well, no. When you are a reduced-mobility traveler (or if you’re accompanying one), your main challenge is to make sure you can get to a restroom in time. Reduced mobility is usually not the only health problem, anContinue Reading

Girona, Spain is the Gem of Costa Brava—Photo Report

Girona is a city in Costa Brava, Spain, and the capital of the namesake province. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Catalonia that dates to the pre-Roman times. We spent about 4 hours in Girona on the way back from Figueres, and I regret we didn’t have time for more. The beauty ofContinue Reading

Figueres, Costa Brava, Spain: Dali Theater and Museum Photo Report

Figueres is a small town in Costa Brava mostly known for the world-famous Dali Theater and Museum. The rest of Figueres is equally interesting, however. It is an old beautiful town that would stand well on its own, even if Dali never set foot there. And, unbeknownst to us, we got there during the local festival calledContinue Reading

Lloret de Mar, Spain — a Jewel of Costa Brava: Trip/Photo Report, Part 2

Lloret de Mar, Spain — a Jewel of Costa Brava: Trip/Photo Report, Part 1 So, the first part was about walk right, walk left. If you start at the beach, you can go right–along the cliffs toward the Santa Clotilde Gardens, the #2 attraction in Lloret! Walk left, and you will get to and past the Castell d’enContinue Reading

Lloret de Mar, Spain — a Jewel of Costa Brava: Trip/Photo Report, Part 1

  Lloret de Mar, Spain is a small Mediterranean resort town about 1 hour bus ride from Barcelona. I went there because of the #TBEX conference and also because it’s very close to Barcelona. I had never been to Barcelona before, and it had been on my list for so long that I finally ran outContinue Reading

Hilton Bentley South Beach Review — Is It a Good Free Weekend Redemption?

To be honest, a weekend at Hilton Bentley South Beach in Miami is not how I thought I would use Citi Hilton Reserve Free Weekend. It’s certainly not the best way to use it—the best way would be adding a free weekend on top of another 5 days you would redeem at one of theContinue Reading

Panama City and Beyond: Trip Report, Part Two

Please note: I am writing new 2015 editions of my Lazy Travelers Handbook Series, so it’s going to be a little crazy for me until the end of the year. I’m aiming at at least 3 new posts a week, but it doesn’t work out every time. Sorry about that.  Here is my previous report: Panama City and Beyond:Continue Reading

Panama City and Beyond: Trip Report, Part One

  My aunt and I came to Panama City for a one-year anniversary of my cousin’s passing–so it wasn’t a fun trip. In addition, I caught a nasty bug, and couldn’t do anything for the first three days. However, we did a few tours with a help of a local tour agency that went above and beyondContinue Reading

On Location TV and Movie Tour in Central Park: Review!

  It’s funny how we often need a long journey while neglecting treasures we might have in our own backyards. Having lived in New York for the last 22 years, I have only visited  Central Park a handful of times. We have our own Prospect Park here in Brooklyn, although it is no match to itsContinue Reading

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