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Put Your Parents on a First Class Flight, Part Two

If you haven’t read the first part, read it here: Put Your Parents on a First Class Flight, Part One. I am not trying to round up all possible redemptions for first- and business class travel, and I am trying to keep it simple. I am going to presume that you don’t have millions of miles; otherwise the worldContinue Reading

I’m Kind of Torn About My Next App-o-Rama

    I’m a little bit overwhelmed. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what to do. Our last app-o-Rama (mine and wife’s) were fast and uncomplicated, but now there are more cards in my wish list, than what I can apply for. I mean could apply for. I won’t because my personal comfort limit is 6 at aContinue Reading

Are You Sick and Tired of Credit Card Frauds and Data Breaches?

The White House appears to be sick of it, too. On October 17, President Obama issued an Executive Order designed to combat this menace. The problem has gotten so bad in the recent years that neither the financial industry nor law enforcement can turn the blind eye anymore. Data breach here, data breach there. Dairy Queen and Neiman Markus, TargetContinue Reading

On Location TV and Movie Tour in Central Park: Review!

  It’s funny how we often need a long journey while neglecting treasures we might have in our own backyards. Having lived in New York for the last 22 years, I have only visited  Central Park a handful of times. We have our own Prospect Park here in Brooklyn, although it is no match to itsContinue Reading

Frontier New York – Miami from $39 OW IS Still Available

  Here is the email I recieved from Travel Zoo today. From the Travelzoo Newsdesk $39 Miami from NYC (One Way); Sale Ends Today By Kim Liang Tan NEW YORK CITY–SEPTEMBER 30, 2014– Today only, Frontier Airlines fares from New York City to Miami dropped to $39 one way.Return flights and surrounding dates are available for $15-$59Continue Reading

Want to Buy, Sell, or Exchange Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

  The post below is for informational, educational, and thought-provoking purposes only. Do not break your loyalty programs rules, or bad things might happen. Let’s say you have a million miles and points. Let’s further presume that you can’t travel that much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do things with your miles as if youContinue Reading

10,000 United Mileage Plus Miles, Credit Card News and More

  10,000 United Miles Option House will give you 10,000 United Mileage Plus miles for opening an account with $5,000 and making 10 trades at $4.75 each in addition to their unbeatable 5 for $5 rates. It’s not a bad deal if you already trade, but do not go in strictly for the miles ifContinue Reading

Disgraceful “Transparent” Airfare Act Is Passed by the House: Now What?

Yesterday I wrote this: The Transparent Airfare Act Gets Sneakily Passed in the House The F@#$ers did it! Despite the protests from the travel community, consumer advocates, and against the most basic common sense, the sons of bitches quietly passed this piece-of-shit legislation that would allow the airlines–once again–lure customers with low fares only to hitContinue Reading

The Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. Part 3: Tips and Tricks.

  The Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. Part 1: Intro and Easy 8,000 Points The Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. Part 2: In-Depth Anatomy of Booking a Spirit Award Flight and I’m Going to #TBEX The Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. Part 3: Tips and Tricks. There are two sides to taking advantage of Spirit AirlinesContinue Reading

I’m Back From Brazil/USA vs Portugal 2:2–We Were So Close!/Vanilla is Dead/North Korea, Anyone?

I came back from Manaus yesterday, and barely had time to recuperate. Today there were two games; both very relevant to me: Russia-Belgium and USA-Portugal. This is what I tweeted after that second Portugal goal that shook the nation mere 10 seconds before the end. God, I hate stoppage time! It’s been one wild rollercoaster ride allContinue Reading

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