I’m Kind of Torn About My Next App-o-Rama





I’m a little bit overwhelmed. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what to do. Our last app-o-Rama (mine and wife’s) were fast and uncomplicated, but now there are more cards in my wish list, than what I can apply for.

I mean could apply for. I won’t because my personal comfort limit is 6 at a time, and to my wife not even that many. It’s not that she won’t let me apply, but if she has to call and talk to them… Well, it’s safe to say she hates that. Which means, she hates me too, by association.

App-o-Ramas are still my earning method of choice, and my MO is simple, safe, and conservative: 4 AORs a year, 90 days apart for me and wife, 5-6 apps each. Although, yes, I know that what is conservative to my crowd would be insane to most civilians out there, LOL.

In any case, I am a bit overwhelmed that there are still so many cards I might be eligible for.

To visualize my dilemma, here are the links to my unaffiliated, best credit card bonuses in the world.

Best Credit Cards for Free Flights

Best Credit Cards for Free Stays

Let’s start with the obvious. I want Chase cards. Five of them. It’s just so happened that I’ve just become eligible for a lot of bonuses from Chase right now.

General Points:

Card Bonus Spend Time Annual Fee
Chase Sapphire Preferred 40K+5K UR points (for adding AU) $3K 3/mths Waived 1st Yr
Cap One  Spark Business (targeted) 50K=$5,000 $4.5K 3/mths None

Airline Miles:

Card Bonus Spend Time Annual Fee
Chase British Avios 50K $2K 3/mths Waived 1st Yr
Chase Southwest 50K=$5,000 $2K  3/mths  $99
Chase Southwest Business 50K $2K 3/mths  $99
Citibank AA Biz 50K $3K 3/mths Waived 1st Yr
Barclaycard US Air 40K 1st Purchase  $89
Barclaycard Lufthansa 50K $5K  3/mths  $79
BoA Alaska 25K $1K  3/mths  $75*
BoA Alaska Business 25K  1st Purchase  $75

*I will get a $100 statement credit, so this Alaska card is a small money-maker.


Card Bonus Spend Time Annual Fee
Chase Priority Club 80K $1K 3/mths Waived 1st Yr
Citi HHonor 40K $1K 4/mths None
Amex HHonors Surpass Upgrade 50K $3K 3/mths $75

As you can imagine, there is no way I’m getting all these Chase cards, and I am reluctant to apply for more than 2 cards from the same issuer anyway. I know it can be done, but I’m timid like that… Besides, I’ve already had two Barclaycard US Air cards (although I closed one of them).

Decisions, decisions…

That Southwest Certificate is surely  a great thing, and the best 50K bonuses are currently available. On the other hand, the AF waiver on Chase BA is only good until the end of the year, which means this is my only chance to save $190 between me and wife. Then, there are these two 50K Lufthansa offers that are only valid until Nov 30. I know everyone scoffs at this offer, but I don’t understand why anyone would be scoffing at 3 one-way 1st class transcontinental tickets–and that’s exactly what 100K Lufthansa miles give you.

Still undecided

After a lot of soul-searching, I’m now leaning toward the following packages.


  • CSP
  • Chase BA
  • Cap One Spark (biz)
  • Citi AA (biz)
  • Barclaycard US Air
  • BoA Alaska

Then 10 days later:

  • Citi HHonors 40K (lousy bonus, but I’ll still get more when it gets better).  🙂


  • CSP
  • Chase BA
  • Citi HHonors 40K
  • Barclaycard US Air
  • US Bank Cub Carlson Biz

10 days later:

  • Citi AA (biz)

What do you guys think?


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I just canceled several Chase cards (BA, CSP, UA Club) when the AFs hit; rolled the credit lines into my existing UA Explorer card. Now 2 more Chase AFs are coming due (Hyatt & SWA) so I’ve got a real shortage of Chase cards. Wondering if I can get CSP again. Have you never had the Chase cards you’re applying for?


I’m a rookie here. Can you explain your strategy for applying for the Barclays USair CC for the THIRD time? Do you cancel the existing card within a month or so after getting your bonus miles and then apply for a new one or do you keep the card active and apply for the 2nd or 3rd card anyway? If the latter, when do you apply for the 2nd card (as soon as you get bonus miles?)? Since US Airways is merging programs with AA in the 2nd quarter next year, I wonder when to apply for the 2nd card… Read more »

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