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Delta Award Sale to the Caribbean and Central America: From 12,000 Miles Roundtrip

    Delta is having another one of its flash sales starting at 16,000 miles per roundtrip, this time to the Caribbean and Central America (found at DoC). I found one city-pair for 12,000 miles, and there might be others. The Link The list above is only partial; here are all eligible destinations: ANU, AUA, BDA, BON,Continue Reading

Flying to Hamburg and Iceland Tomorrow

  A few months ago, in the midst of the Club Carlson world crisis, I decided I’d been postponing visiting Iceland for way too long. Since Delta was the only airline to get me there nonstop, I started looking, then kept looking and couldn’t find two simple awards to get there for 4 days (didn’tContinue Reading

Going Places Again: Paris, Iceland, Hamburg, Asia, and More!

It looks like my dry summer travel spell is coming to an end. My last long-distance trip was at the beginning of May to Llorett de Mar and Girona Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Barcelona (still can’t get around to finish my Barcelona trip report—pathetic!); since then my day job(s) have gotten the bestContinue Reading

3 Wonders of the World for Under 85,000 Miles: Machu Picchu, Easter Island, and Iguazu Falls

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours writing singing praises to the wonderful AAdvantage miles. And I promised to build up on that because, well, when you are talking about the best frequent flyer currency in the world, one post is never enough. So I began working on this one, and then I realized: in orderContinue Reading

How Far Can You Stretch Your AAdvantage Miles Value?

  I’ve been thinking about it lately, and I believe we don’t fully realize what an awesome program AAdvantage is. And let’s forget business and first class for a moment, shall we? I’ve been researching Galapagos for another blog I write for, and I’m still in awe how freakishly easy it is to get there on anContinue Reading

Delta’s Devaluation—A Contrarian Approach

  Everyone has gone ballistic on their latest shenanigans. What makes most people fuming is one paragraph from the new Delta announcement: Award Price Changes We know your miles are important, so we want to provide the most notice possible regarding Award price changes. For travel on or after June 1, 2016, the number ofContinue Reading

How I’ve Burned All My Club Carlson Points

  Tomorrow, May31, most probably will be the last day when you can still get two Club Carlson nights for the price of one at the old reward levels. The language is a little confusing as it says “can’t be booked after June 1″ which might suggest that June 1 is the actual final day, butContinue Reading

A Deeper Look at Wyndham Rewards Points Revolution, Part 2: Best Redemptions!

My Previous Post is here: A Deeper Look at Wyndham Rewards Revolution: Game Changer or a Dud? I did a lot of work to prepare this post, boys and girls. A lot of tedious, menial, time-consuming work. And I loved every minute of it! Something’s gotta be seriously wrong with me, and no, this is not a joke!Continue Reading

Marriott 2015 Changes Hit on 03.19 — Is There a Silver Lining?

This Marriott 3rd (or is it 4th?) massive devaluation in a row is a disaster! 69% of Marriott properties remain unchanged, 75% are moving up, and 25% are moving down! Nice! Only a company that doesn’t give a flying duck about the loyalty of their members can screw them over, year after year with such brazenContinue Reading

Hyatt Place Miami Airport-West/Doral — Review

  Here is my first Miami post: Hilton Bentley South Beach Review — Is It a Good Free Weekend Redemption? I wasn’t planning for a 5-day break between these posts, but life intervened. The SPG changes were about to be introduced, so I felt it was more important, because the review of Hyatt Doral couldContinue Reading

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