TBB DO in Brooklyn, My New Book Gets Published This Weekend, and Some News



TBB DO in Brooklyn

For the few of you who don’t know, TBB stands for Travel Blogger Buzz, which is also–surprise, surprise–the name of a very popular blog. I met George, the guy behind the blog, last year at FinCon 13, (Financial Blogger Conference) and enjoyed his company very much.

George is almost single-handedly responsible for making the blogosphere a better place, shaming, often in very strong terms, the bloggers who, in his view, put their own interests ahead of their readers’. That doesn’t mean I always agree with him and his views on affiliate links and trade secrets; hell, I disagree quite often, but it is hard not to see that his “teachings” do make a difference. In the very least, bloggers are paying more attention to disclosures of their commercial relationship with banks, and many of them are not as “shy” as they used to be, sharing good info on credit cards that don’t pay them commissions.

Of course, my blog doesn’t have to disclose anything, at all. I don’t get commissions for any credit card link you might click on, and they are the very best Credit Cards for Free Flights and Credit Cards for Free Stays. You simply won’t find the more comprehensive list of the best credit card deals in the world!

So, having done with this plug–as shameless, as it was necessary–let’s get back to the DO. George is visiting his in-laws, and luckily, they live about a 10-minute drive from my place, LOL. Although, who’s talking about drive? I hear they serve alcohol in that establishment, so Uber it is.

See this: Untied.com, TBB Meetup in Brooklyn, Panera Coffee Deal, Tech Insane Mania, Erbil in Iraq

 My New Book Is Going Live Over the Weekend 

I know I have announced it before, but hey, it’s not my fault (nothing is!). The credit card offers are getting killed right and left. After the 100K Citi AAdvantage offer got the axe, I had to wait and see what happens to the 75K miles offer because it was an integral part of my strategy. And guess what: it’s dead too. I hope the 60K offer doesn’t die over the weekend. Am I asking too much?

Anyway, my new book is called Honeymoon and Luxury Travel: CHEAP AND FREE and it’s awesome! Even those of you who are spoiled rotten and think they know everything might find something you don’t. I will post the link when it goes live.

The Transparent Airfare Act Gets Sneakily Passed in the House

The F%&@ers did it! Despite the protests from the travel community, consumer advocates, and against the most basic common sense, the sons of bitches quietly passed this piece-of-shit legislation that would allow the airlines–once again–lure customers with low fares only to hit them on the head with taxes and fees. So sneaky these bastards were, they passed it with a “voice vote”, which means we will never be able to thank those who voted for that garbage! Some transparency, huh?

Here is my detailed write up about this sham from a couple of months ago.

Airlines Are Slipping Us a Roofie Again

So what now? Now, it goes to the senate and from the senate to the Obama’s desk. I have no reason to believe that the Senate or President will have any trouble signing up, as those of them who have not sold out for one reason or another, have no idea what that bill contains.

I would really like to keep going and going, but I can’t. It’s late, and need my beauty sleep instead of an  aggravation. I’ll give you my rant tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean later today.

The Most Important Overhaul of the FICO Algorithm in History

Yesterday, FICO announced that their new FICO 9 credit score will stop taking into account paid delinquencies. I wrote about FICO 9 score three months ago in my 3-part series starting here. Back then, they announced that they would not count medical debts, but all other details were shrouded in secrecy. Now, we at least know why. Because it’s huge!

Will write more on this, but not today. Good night, everybody.


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I absolutely agree about that TBB bog 🙂

Your book is awesome too. Disclosure: I have not read it yet 🙂

See you Sunday. And thanks for the plug!


You guys dating?
Andy it was great to meet you (George too and I forgot the woman’s name). I sent you an email as I finally found your card 🙂

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