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How “Unnecessarily” Complicated Are AmEx Platinum Benefits?




Breakage is a term used to describe revenue gained by retailers through unredeemed gift cards or other prepaid services that are never claimed. In these cases, the company pockets the money paid for these items, without actually providing the service or item for which the customer initially paid.


I wrote my last big AmEx Platinum post 1.5 years ago, at the height of the pandemic here in NYC.

AmEx Platinum New Benefits and Beyond – What Do You Do Now?

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Best in Miles, Points, Credit Cards, Travel and More: Around the Web Oct 17 — Oct 23 2021

  Welcome to my weekly travel, points, credit cards and other news from the blogosphere. Here are some topics: How to spend American miles in case of devaluation Qualify for Hyatt Globalist status in 2021 with a six-night stay New Bank of America rewards credit cards Thailand opens on November 1 A guide to Iceland’sContinue Reading

AmEx Platinum New Benefits and Beyond – What Do You Do Now?

This weekend AmEx has made improvements to its credit card line up that go well beyond the AmEx Platinum. Let’s try and break down all AmEx new benefits. AmEx cards with significant improvements AmEx Platinum personal cards (Platinum, Platinum for Schwab, and Platinum for Ameriprise): Statement credits for select wireless and streaming services from U.S.Continue Reading

Hilton Diamond+ and Proposed American Express Hilton Elite Card: My First Ever Conspiracy Theory

In case you, guys, are wondering where the hell I’ve been, I’ve been in Asia. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila. As in, was in Hang Kong, now in Bangkok and in a few days I’m going to Manila for TBEX – the Travel Blogger conference. Currently staying on the “wrong side” of the Chao Phraya River, inContinue Reading

AMEX Financial Review — Survival Story!

  A few months ago I posted a story about someone who got FR’ed by AMEX. Here is her story: How a Newbie Can “Earn” a Dreaded Amex Financial Review! I received a letter from a reader and it was like a Deja Vu. I thought to myself immediately… Now, this is a story allContinue Reading

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