My Wife’s App-o-Rama is 5 for 5, But It Took Forever


On March 30th, I applied for the following cards for my wife:

  • 30K AMEX SPG (Business)
  • 80K + 7K Chase Marriott
  • 25K + $100 BofA Alaska
  • 25K BofA Alaska (Business)

Shortly before that she had applied for the targeted 60K Citi AAdvantage card. She was instantly approved for all cards except the Marriott. And then the waiting game began.

Over the last year, we closed all Chase cards she had due to the annual fee. Right before she applied, she didn’t have anything with Chase. I even applied for Chase first, so they didn’t see the other applications. Gee, I thought, she’s gotta be a shoe-in.

Well, not really.

We waited for almost four weeks until the Chase letter arrived. The letter told her to call. When she did, they verified her identity, which took about 20 minutes. They asked all trick questions in the book, then gave her a $15,000 credit line. Honestly, can anyone tell me why Chase has gotten so paranoid in the recent months?

In any case, if you have applied for the card, don’t start calling the next day. Just wait and see what happens.



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