Here Is the Best Credit Card Bonus Ever!




Only on Reddit, ladies and gentlemen, where else?

If you took this innocent clickbait seriously, shame on you! You shouldn’t expect any best credit cards offers ever. At least until the next economic downturn. Although, between you and me, some of the current offers are pretty damn good!

As far as best credit cards go, the AMEX Hilton Surplus 100,000 points offer is the best for the Surplus card. It has never been better. And if you have never had this card, you really should take advantage, as it’s set to die on May 4. The same is true for the regular Amex Hilton card, which has a 75,000-point bonus. If you don’t see any of these offers, use Incognito or In-private, or whatever anonymous browser Firefox has. Never tried that one.

My both lists are updated after a long hiatus

Best Credit Cards for Free Flights

Best Credit Cards for Free Hotel Stays

So I was checking my links, and was quite surprised to see that the Barclaycard Lufthansa 50,000-mile offer is still in full swing. I presumed it had died some time ago, but no — still there. For those of you guys, who have been reluctant to apply (with the annual fee, high spending requirement and ridiculous Lufthansa YQs), remember that this sign up bonus means three transcontinental one-ways in United business class — yes, in a flat bed, which, I hear, is not half bad, either.

The long-standing Chase United Business card 50,000-mile bonus finally died, and I have no idea when. Missed the funeral.

While I was updating my lists, I thought about a few credit cards bonuses people rarely mention: Chase Ritz Carlton (2 free nights), Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards (3 free nights), and Barclaycard Choice Privileges (32,000 points). And this is why I think they are underrated.

Chase Ritz Carlton

Yes, it’s only for 1-4 categories, but there are only five levels, so the deal only excludes the top 13 hotels. But you can still used your free nights in Barcelona, New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Bali, Vienna, Osaka — Gee, let me stop there because it would take too long! And the $395 annual fee means absolutely nothing with the $300 annual airline credit. Actually, strike that — it’s not nothing, it’s a $205 profit because you will take advantage of this credit twice. Right?

So you would end up getting paid for the card that puts $200 into your pocket, gives you two free nights at a Ritz Carlton hotel, gold Marriott status, and a lot of other goodies that I described here in vivid details.

Barclaycard Whyndam Rewards

Sure, they don’t have many aspirational properties, but why does everything have to be aspirational these days? The 45,000-point sign up bonus is enough for three nights at any Whyndam in the world, and I mean any Whyndam, including that celebrated Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach Wyndham Grand Resort (not bookable on points anymore, thanks ucipass!)Wyndham Grand Chicago RiverfrontWyndham Boston Beacon HillShelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach, and, perhaps most interestingly, all Whyndam all-inclusive properties, of which at least two, the Viva Wyndham Azteca and Viva Wyndham Maya seem to have received solid reviews on Trip Advisor. Get two cards and make a full-blown vacation out of it.

Check my detailed write up on the Wyndham Rewards Card.

Barclaycard Choice Privileges

The 32,000-point bonus might not seem like much, but it is a lot if you can use the Privileges points in Europe or some other places in the world. After a short-lived scare, the Nordic hotels in Scandinavia are back in the game, and your sign-up bonus can easily save you around $500-600 for a 2-3-night stay.

Choice Points ARN

Have I missed anything? I certainly might have, so use the white space below to set me straight. Or just use it for praises. Either way is good.

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Koloa is no longer possible


for Ritz Carlton card – how do you get that $300 airline credit if you travel only with carry-on (thus, no baggage fees) ? Some suggest you buy airline’ gift cards; but does the card really gives you statement credit for that??
Any other creative ways to get that $300 credit ?

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