Happy New Year and Happy Travels in 2018!



Happy Travels in 2018

Happy New Year and Happy Travels in 2018!

I’ll keep it short.

A few years ago, I decided I had to travel more and make a living wherever I wanted to go. That’s mostly worked out, and gave my an opportunity to see the world and be location independent. Of course, t’s not all peachy and rosy, but it has (again, mostly) worked for me so far.

And 2017 was fantastic. I’ve visited Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (for the 2nd time), Singapore, Barcelona (for the 2nd time), Bilbao, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Panama City and twice the Dominican Republic for some R&R. I’ve taken my mom on a cruise to the Bahamas. In the U.S., I flew to Dallas and twice to Florida. Not everything went smoothly, as my plans to visit Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Colombia fell through. But whatever didn’t fall through went absolutely great!

And here is a fun fact.

Just think about it: all my flights were paid for by miles and points (well technically speaking, PNH to REP and REP to SIN were paid for by the Citi Prestige annual credit). All my long-haul flights were in Business Class (plus SIN to JFK in First on Singapore). My stays were a mixture of hotel points, credits and cash. There is no way in the world I could’ve pulled that off without my beloved hobby. So here is a thought: every time you hear people whining, bitching, and complaining about how things have gotten unbearable, how the hobby is dead, and how 2% cashback cards are Da Shit nowadays — do yourself a favor and take that bitching with a grain of salt.

And that totally includes my own bitching, too.

Happy New Year, and here are a few pics to get you in the mood!

Dyker Heights is an affluent neighborhood in South Brooklyn that’s well-known throughout the Tri-State area for its gorgeous outdoor Christmas decorations. Most importantly, it’s about 5-minute drive from my home, which means, we don’t have to go on a tour bus to delight in its colorful displays. Enjoy!

Happy Travels in 2018

Happy Travels in 2018



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