Get PAID for a Free Week-Long Luxury Vacation for Two in South Beach, Miami. Flights Included!


Miami South Beach is fashionable, glamorous, exciting and, oh yeah—very expensive. There are no more cheap, affordable dumps left along those desirable stretches of Collins and Ocean Drive. Although, no, the dumps are still there, but after they threw a few buckets of paint on their facades and boldly put all kinds of 3-digit numbers after the dollar sign, you would never guess… That is until you are in  your room that by its size and décor suddenly reminds you of all those hostels you had so much fun at during your college years. As nostalgic tears of the days long gone begin streaming down your cheeks, it finally dawns on you. You’re in South Beach, alright! Gravy, baby.

Yes, of course, there is another way. As if you had to ask! An easy way! So easy, in fact, it’s almost criminal. Relax, though, it isn’t.

For a six-day vacation in South Beach all you need to do is to apply for the following credit cards:

Credit Cards needed:

Citibank American Airlines AAdvantage card: 1 card

  • 50,000 AA-miles bonus
  • $150 statement credit (for a Biz card).
  • One free visit to the airport lounge (you’ll have to flip a coin for it)
  • No annual fee for the first year. Cancel next year if you don’t want to pay it.
  • You will need to meet the Spend Requirement: $2,500-$3,000 within the first 4mths (depends on the card).

Chase Priority Club Visa Card: 2 cards

  • 80,000 points bonus
  • Immediate Elite Platinum status
  • No annual fee for the first year. Cancel next year if you don’t want to pay it.
  • Spend Requirement:  $0-1,000 within the first 3 months (call to verify after you get the card).

Z Ocean


Citibank Hilton Reserve: 1 card

  • Free 2-night weekend stay at any Hilton worldwide.
  • Immediate Elite Gold status
  • Spend Requirement: $2,500 within the first 4mths
  • $95 Annual Fee–not waived!


Another words, you apply for three credit cards, while your spouse/partner or just “spartner” (my coinage, so don’t you dare…) needs to apply for only one! Or vice versa, whichever works for you.

First, go to my Free Flights section and apply for one of the AA credit cards I listed. Like I said, I recommend the AA Business card even if you don’t own the business. Don’t worry that the application page does not spell out what you’re getting–-you will get your miles. If in doubt, go to this thread for American and read the latest posts.

Then go to my Free Stays section and apply for the Chase Priority Club and Citi Hilton Reserve cards. In case of Priority, the application does not spell out what you’re getting. Again, you will get your points. If in doubt, check this thread for Priority Club and read the latest posts.

Important: to make things easier and lessen the chance of the denial, apply for one Citi card each (like you apply for AA and your spartner applies for Hilton, or vise versa).

The Citi AAdvantage card gives you 50,000 miles, which is good for 2 RT tickets anywhere in North America (always choose OffPeak Milesaver rewards).

The Chase Priority card  gives you 80,000 points each, good for up to 4 nights in their upscale Z Ocean Hotel. It used to be better, but they considerably devalued their rewards on January 16th. Oh well, it’s still a good value.

The Citi Hilton Reserve gives you a free 2-night weekend stay at any Hilton worldwide.

In regard to building your trip, you have two options. Either fly on Saturday, spend 2 days at Hilton, then on Monday move to the Z Ocean for the next 4 days. Or, fly on Monday to start your vacation at the Z and then move on to the Bentley. I personally would use the second option. Hilton Bentley is located far south down Ocean Drive, and it would be a perfect relaxation spot after four days of partying in the heart of South Beach.

Aside of being 4-star properties, both are all-suite hotels with a kitchenette, so you can even save on eating out sometimes if you’re so inclined. Besides, your elite status at both hotels will give you a good shot at getting upgraded. Unlike Hilton, Priority Club properties don’t have to upgrade you on a reward stay, but it’s been my experience that they often do when they aren’t full. You will be able to see if you’ve been upgraded when you log in on the IHG page. If you have not been upgraded, try to contact the hotel and tell them how special your trip is. It might help:-). Come to think of it, do the same with Hilton. Better ask to make sure.

But didn’t I promise that you even get paid for your troubles? You will, albeit just a little. If you apply for the AA Business card, they will give you $150 in statement credit after your first eligible AA purchase. Just buy a cup of coffee on board and you’re all set. This will offset your $95 Hilton Reserve annual fee, as well as a few bucks you dole out for the airport taxes. The rest will go as credit toward your cab fares, car rentals, or souvenirs for your beloved in-laws. Every little bit of savings comes handy on a trip.

Please note: when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck (and by “buck” I mean your “hard-earned” miles) you must think of international destinations. This is where your savings translate into some serious money. So if you can find a cheap flight to/from Miami, you might be better off just paying for your airfares and saving your AA miles for some long-distance travel. But that’s up to you, of course.

Can you stay more than a week in South Beach for free? Of course, you can! There, and in just about any other corner of the world. If you think you could use some FREE, quality travel time in your near or even not so near future, check my books. More free flights and free luxury hotel stays are just moments away! Check them out. You’ll be glad you did!



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