Easy 15,000 AA miles for New York residents for switching to Energy Plus


Now, I know what you’re thinking ( or not, but I’ll tell you anyway). Energy Plus business practices are a bit shady. They buy loads of airline and hotel points to entice you with a bonus and then double your energy rate. That’s what happened to me personally and to many people who have complained about EP on numerous internet sites. How can I recommend dealing with this company? Here is how.

When I complained about their rates they immediately issued a credit and switched me back to Con Edison. I kept the point. They never even mentioned the early termination fee. Yes I did have to make one telephone call and follow up on it. But everything went smoothly.

But you won’t have to do even that. Keep reading.

I received a new 15k AA miles offer from Energy Plus for NY residents. It doesn’t look targeted. I believe this offer is better than anything EP offered in the past for the following reasons.

1. Fixed, not variable rate. No nasty surprises.
2. No cancelation fees. Can cancel anytime.

The rate considering the market price is still atrocious. It’s 9.875 c/kWh vs 5.921 I paid to ConEd last month. Both rates are before taxes. Taking EP up for their offer would add an extra $10 a month to my quite modest electricity bill. Hence the solution. Sign up, get the miles and then see what you want to do. The rates are supposedly going up higher near the summer, so if the gap is still substantial, switch back. You will be out $20-30 for 15K AA miles. And it’s absolutely worth it. A one-way fare in the Continental US, Canada and Mexico will run you 12,50 miles. A roundtrip is 25,000. The math is in your favor.


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