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Amazon Payments Is [Almost] Dead

I will be brief. Told ya.

Manufactured Spend with Barclaycard Travel Community–Worth Looking Into?

  UPDATE: Please note that the Arrival card is discontinued There is a credit card out there everyone knows about. It is called Barclaycard Arrival. Benefits Barclaycard Arrival is a great card, although it is a little overrated. Their major selling points are the 40,000-mile sign up bonus, 2.2222-something miles back after the rebate, and itsContinue Reading

New Manufactured Spend Method That Won’t Make You Work Hard

  This post is for intermediate hobbyists. Please do not dive in without understanding the risks and possible consequences. If you have been reading my books and this blog, you already know that to me, there are three acceptable levels of manufactured spending. PRIME MS Prime MS is something I can do in the comfort of myContinue Reading

TBB DO in Brooklyn, My New Book Gets Published This Weekend, and Some News

  TBB DO in Brooklyn For the few of you who don’t know, TBB stands for Travel Blogger Buzz, which is also–surprise, surprise–the name of a very popular blog. I met George, the guy behind the blog, last year at FinCon 13, (Financial Blogger Conference) and enjoyed his company very much. George is almost single-handedlyContinue Reading

Credit Cards and Manufactured Spend News and Updates

I have been approved for the Chase Ritz Carlton credit card. The more I read about other people’s experiences, the more I’m convinced that this is probably the best reward credit card out there right now; especially in light of the demise of the Citi 100K AAdvantage mile bonus. Just think about it: a 70,000-point bonus,Continue Reading

My Nightmarish Walmart Experience

  I wasn’t going to rant about it, but then I read an excellent Free-quent Flyer’s analysis of the newest Walmart’s Point of Sale System changes and decided to share my experience too. I’ve had my share of problems with Walmarts, but my today’s tour de force takes the cake. That’s two and a half hoursContinue Reading

The Real Cost of Meeting Spend Requirements: Lost Profit

The Real Cost of Meeting Spend Requirements: Lost Profit

As you know, my true passion is travel, not Manufactured Spend. I had never looked into making profit from our hobby aside of free trips. I had been advocating against going into Manufactured Spend for profit for a long time; right until it stopped making sense. However, increased spend requirements and decreased benefits of the loyaltyContinue Reading

What Happens in Walmart…

Had a bit of a problem today. My job sometimes takes me away from New York and into the CVS and Walmart wonderlands AKA New Jersey and Long Island. One Vanilla cards are still plentiful here, and you rarely hear these nasty two words Cash Only.  And while there are always some problems with money kiosksContinue Reading

Two Pillars of Manufactured Spend for the Lazy: Amazon Payments and AMEX Serve

Before we delve deeper into murkier and darker waters of manufactured spend, let’s make sure we have covered the basics. The two easiest ways to make sure you can meet the credit card bonus spend requirements or even make a few bucks on the side, are Amazon Payments and AMEX Serve. There is nothing easierContinue Reading

Manufactured Spend: BB or Not BB?

 American Express Bluebird and American Express Serve prepaid cards are the apples from the same tree, but they do have “their differences”. I posted about Bluebird and Serve here, but since Vanilla Reload is dead, it’s time to make a few adjustments. American Express Bluebird allows you to load prepaid cards, such as Vanilla Reload OneContinue Reading

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