Manufactured Spend and the New Ebates Credit Card




Is the New Ebates Credit Card the Answer to our Manufactured Spend Prayers?

It surely looks like it. This is what Ebates is offering:

  • Earn 3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases made through Ebates1
  • Shop 1% Cash Back everywhere else Visa is accepted1
  • Get $10 bonus on your first purchase!2

I know what you’re thinking. Do they have cashback on Visa or MasterCard gift cards? No. But they do have 1% cashback on AMEX gift cards which brings the total to the whopping 4%!

Now, before you jump to the application, let me be clear that things might be not as rosy as they look. While Ebates doesn’t exclude the AMEX gift cards, it has this in the T&C:

Certain store products and other purchases are also excluded.

Now, what’s that supposed to mean is everyone’s guess, but I don’t think that the AGC fest will last too long; either they will exclude AGC from cashback or they might stop selling it altogether. But even if AGC won’t work out a [at least] 4% cashback credit card is a no-brainer, IMHO. Ebates is one of the most reliable portals, and unlike some others, they will send you checks as soon as you get $5 in your account.

I am considering this card, but it sucks that there are still three more weeks until my scheduled app-o-Rama. Most reports, however, state that they pull Transunion, so it might be OK.

Unfortunately, liquidating the AMEX GC is not for the faint of heart. You can’t load it to WM, or buy a money order or pay your credit card bill at the same venerable institution, and with the demise of Amazon Payments, our options become even thinner. You can use AGC to buy other Visa and Master gift debit cards, though, and then liquidate them via your favorite routine (LOL) methods.

So, are you going to apply for the Ebates credit card?

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My purchases of $2,000 AGCs thru ebates portal using ebates Visa cc are only earning me 1% , not 4%. Do you have any data points?

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