Best Hyatt Points Values for Cat. 1-4 International Hotels Including Suites: Part 2 — Category 2


Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi — this iconic, ultra-modern 5-star hotel costs 8,000 points per room (Photo credits in this post — courtesy

My previous post is here:

Best Hyatt Points Values for Cat. 1-4 International Hotels Including Suites: Part 1 — Category 1

Please note

  • This is not about the best Hyatt hotels ever — it’s more about the value of using World of Hyatt points versus cash.
  • You might not find cities and places I’ve picked worth visiting. That’s cool; here is the list of Hyatt hotels by Categories.
  • Hyatt doesn’t add taxes or resort charges to award stays, so make sure to take it into account when comparing cash and award rates.
  • Whenever possible, I’ve checked the rates in high season before taxes. Room prices may vary wildly during the year, so make sure to check them for your own dates.
  • Hyatt has delayed introducing peak and off-peak pricing until mid-October, so it might happen soon. No pressure. 🙂

Here are the best Hyatt redemption options for Category 2 international hotels.

Hyatt Category 2: 8,000 points for a standard room –> 13,000 points for a standard suite –> 16,000 points for a premium suite

Best Hyatt Category 2 hotels in The Americas

The beachfront Hyatt Centric Montevideo boasts stunning water and city views

  • Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara ($150+ winter 2022)
  • Hyatt Centric Montevideo ($141+ winter 2022)

Best Hyatt Category 2 hotels in Europe

Opened in 2021, the Hyatt Regency Malta features sea or Saint Rita Square views from all rooms 

  • Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki (158+ summer 2022)
  • Story Hotel Riddargatan, part of JdV by Hyatt ($262+ summer 2022): This is an 8,000 hotel room in the heart of Stockholm, free breakfast included!
  • Hyatt House Manchester ($150+ summer 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Manchester ($157+ summer 2022)
  • Hyatt Centric Cambridge: I can’t find a single date when this Cat. 2 hotel would accept Hyatt points or awards. The rates in July 2022 start at $800+. UPDATE 10.11.21: I’m seeing points availability now in summer (8,000 points for a $780 room!).


I checked other hotels in town out of curiosity, and it seems Cambridge really is that pricey. I know it’s a lovely city, but does anyone have any idea why Cambridge commands this kinds of prices?

  • Hyatt Regency Malta ($223+ summer 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy (133+ spring 2022)

Best Hyatt Category 2 hotels in Africa and the Middle East

This Hyatt Place looks like a resort rather than your typical Hyatt Place

  • Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay, Morocco near Agadir, nice beach ($180+ spring 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Johannesburg ($167+ May 2022)
  • Grand Hyatt Amman ($381+ fall 2022): I hear Amman is much more than a stepping stone to Petra. Might be worth a 2-3 nights stay.
  • Andaz Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi ($249+ winter 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Dubai ($157+ winter 2022)

Best Hyatt Category 2 hotels in Asia and the Pacific

Hyatt Regency Osaka — a view from the lounge

  • Hyatt Regency Manila, City of Dreams ($136+ winter 2022)
  • Alila Manggis ($171+ summer 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Bali ($113+ summer 2022)
  • Grand Hyatt Bali ($113+ summer 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Osaka ($154+ spring 2022 )
  • Hyatt Regency Perth ($136+ fall 2022)

Best category 2 Hyatt suite redemption: Hyatt Regency Osaka

As I mentioned in my previous Category 1 post, redeeming Hyatt points for a suite can be incredibly lucrative. But redeeming points in Hyatt Regency hotels (and sometimes Grand Hyatt too) can be even more lucrative because in booking you often gain access to the Regency Club. When this option is available, you might want to book at least a Standard Suite because, for  Category 2 hotels, an upgrade to a Club Room costs 12,000 points, while upgrade to a Standard Suite when it comes with the Club only costs you 13,000 points — just 1,000 more. That’s a no-brainer.

Now, Hyatt Regency Osaka is located in Osaka Bay, which is quite a hike from the city center. It’s close to the Aquarium and Universal Studios Japan, but not much else. Some reviewers call it a “hotel in the middle of nowhere,” but that can be a good thing. Since it’s tucked away from downtown, even standard rooms are huge by Japanese standards. The nearest subway station is 5 minutes away. A complimentary shuttle to downtown Osaka departs every 30 minutes. And an airport limousine bus drops you off right in front of the hotel. Most reviews, one after another, rave about the views, the service, the lounge and the food. Not all reviews are flattering though, so check them out yourself.

But where the Hyatt Regency Osaka shines is the suites.

Hyatt Regency Osaka standard suites: 13,000 points

Typical Hyatt standard suites are rarely awesome, but this one looks like it is. I don’t know about you, but this 1,000 square feet suite with great views, which also includes Club access, looks fine to me.

Hyatt Regency Osaka Premium suites: 16,000 points

But if the standard suite is awesome, the premium one looks quite amazing!

Be careful!, though. The problem with awesome suites is that you might be reluctant to go out and explore the sights. 🙂

Here is the after-taxes math.

For a standard suite you pay 13,000 Hyatt points or $766 — 5.9 cents per point.

For a premium suite you pay 16,000 Hyatt points or $1,224 — 7.6 cents per point.

Not too shabby, huh?

To recap

There are Hyatt Category 2 hotels on all continents worthy of your attention. While there aren’t too many of them, some are in places that you might be delighted to visit: Malta, Stockholm, Bali, or Osaka, to name a few. Some provide better values than others, but when there is a suite redemption in play, it’s almost always a good deal, especially when a suite automatically comes with Regency Club access.

Next post: Best Hyatt Points Values for Cat. 1-4 International Hotels Including Suites: Part 3 — Category 3

Have you been to any of these hotels? Are you planning to? 

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Malta, eh? That definitely sounds interesting. Between that and Belgrade you’ve given me some great food for thought. Thanks!
On a side note, the Hyatt Regency Bali is pretty awesome. My wife and I were supposed to stay there next month but cancelled. We last stayed there in 2019 and just loved the place. I even screwed up and arrived a day early and they were just lovely about accommodating us. We love that the Hyatt club lounges in Bali are outdoors too.

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