Barclay Lufthansa 50K-Mile Credit Card Bonus Offer Is Back



Miles And More is a Lufthansa loyalty program, and it has an excellent first and business class products The problem is, they also charge exorbitant fuel surcharges otherwise known as YQ. I don’t look kindly at these bogus charges, which has always prevented me from experiencing Lufthansa for myself.

However, the “goodness” of this offer, so to speak, goes way beyond Lufthansa. You can travel on any carrier from Star Alliance, and if you choose United or US Airways, then you won’t pay surcharges. That makes this an excellent offer. You will have to spend $5,000 in 3 months, so make sure you have a plan to do so. Check my book for some ideas on how to meet the spend requirement if your natural spend is too low.

The best bang for the buck goes to redeeming Miles and More on domestic carriers for first class travel. The peculiarities of this program are such that it only takes 35,000 miles (34,000 if you book two one ways) for the First Class seat on New York to LA, for example. Compare that to regular domestic programs that require 50,000 for a First Class RT.

If you apply with a spartner, then you are getting 3 RT domestic tickets in the Continental US after meeting the spend. That’s thousands of dollars for two credit card sign ups, but remember the spend requirement. Every time an offer like that comes out it reminds me times and again why I love this game so much :).

Apply by Dec. 15. Find the Barclay Lufthansa link here 

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