Asiana First Class Suite JFK-ICN Flight Review



I’m writing this in an Asiana first-class suite on route from JFK to ICN. A superbly comfortable seat/bed, excellent level of privacy, caviar service, a humongous flat panel TV…  I could get used to flying like this, you know. Only I won’t. In just two-week time, the dreadful United devaluation comes into effect, and that coveted first-class award seat on a United Star partner will be out of reach. Sad!

I’m not doing a blow-by-blow review. I will enclose a few pictures, cross my fingers and hope they’ll speak for themselves. Here are a few pointers before I leave you with my visual aid, LOL.

  1. The OZ bed is incredible. I have experienced flat beds on LAN, Delta, and Air Canada. I have never had a bed as comfortable as this one.
  2. The seat is extremely spacious. I’m a big guy, so when I say spacious, it is not a figure of speech!
  3. The 32” TV is out of this world, and, as far as I know, it’s the biggest screen in the sky! 32 inches may not sound like much for your living room, but  for this suite that’s all you could possibly wish for.
  4. The movie collection is great with one caveat. Neither I nor the flight attendant could turn off the Korean subtitles. That was a little annoying.
  5. The setup is very comfortable for work and fun, and the suite has a lot of space for all my belongings.
  6. The food is mostly great. Mostly! I went for the Korean option, and the beef was a bit too tough for my taste. Also, the fish soup was… well, let’s say, different. 🙂 Everything else, however, was delicious and the presentation was beautiful, too.
  7. The service is friendly and sufficient, but not over the top. I like that! When I need something, I push the button, and an FA is at my door within two seconds.
  8. The mini-bar is very cool, but it isn’t stocked. Not a big deal (see #7).
  9. The most important thing: these pajamas are great, too.

If you have the miles/UR points and plan on traveling to Asia within the next year, you owe it to yourself to book now even if you don’t have the date set. The change fee is just $75. And of course, do yourself a favor and fly out of JFK.

Having said that, it’s not that Asiana business class is anything to sneeze at (see the pics below).

I’m very tempted to book another trip to Asia before February 1, but I have my hands full. I have a one-way ticket to Cancun (a leftover from this trip); I’m planning on visiting Russia (haven’t been to my old country for 14 years). I’m also going to take my mom to Europe, fly to the World Cup in Brazil, and take my wife and the kid somewhere warm and close to home like the Bahamas or Florida. (My wife isn’t especially fond of long flights, as I’m sure, I’ve mentioned before).

So while I am itching to book another flight with Asiana just on spec, I’m also wary of biting more than I could possibly swallow. Anyway, without further ado, here are the pics. Enjoy!


P1010630The seats are wide and very comfortable

No Shortage of Natural Light

P1010628A Huge TV


P1010681The bed is very, and I mean VERY comfortable



P1010668The food and presentation are excellent

Below is the full first-class menu. Click the individual pics to enlarge.

P1010659 P1010660 P1010661 P1010662 P1010658 P1010654P1010656 P1010650 P1010652


P1010641A Gift Bag


P1010636Asiana business class is not shabby either:)

P1010675Over Russian Far East near Yakutsk. Vastness…

P1010686On approach: Seoul, South Korea

P1010682And finally the crew that has made it all possible:)


Next Part: Siem Reap, Cambodia







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Nice report!

Do they also still give you a choice of gifts at the end of the flight (passport holder, iPhone case etc.)?

Eli Rapaport

Nice report Andy. Will be taking OZ221/OZ222 in November and December. Can’t wait!


If you do a date change on the award ticket, do you have to complete travel within one year of booking?


Nice review – I have yet to try the Suites. I’m in OZ Business next week though.

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