My Epic South East Asia Trip–Introduction



I know, epic?

Everyone has their own definition of an Epic trip. To some, epic means a six-month round-the-world trip. To others–a long-awaited and meticulously prepared family trip to Disney World. To me, an epic trip occurs when three conditions are met.

1. The trip should have longer than a 10-day span and…

2. The trip should cover an exciting destination I have never been to before and…

3. The value I derive from the trip must be absolutely astonishing (did I mention that it had to be free, too?).

It’s been a while since my last epic trip to Peru and Easter Island last spring. So, the time was ripe.

My itinerary and class of service:

1. JFK-REP (Siem Reap)

1a) JFK-ICN (Seoul) – First Class suite

1b) ICN-REP (Siem Reap) – Business

2. Siem Reap: 4-night Staying at 4.5-star Le Meridien

3. REP-BKK, (Bankgkok Airways (all Bangkok Air fligths are in couch) : 3-day stay in a suite at 5-star Anantara Suthorn

4. BKK-Koh Samui: Stay at Category 10 Conrad Koh Samui.

5. HKT-Koh Samui-Phucket

6. Phuket-Honk Kong on Dragon Air, in business.

7. HKK-JFK in First Class Suite on Cathay Pacific.

The total value of the trip… I really didn’t bother to calculate, but it must be close to 30K.

Of course, we all know that saving $30K on a trip that we wouldn’t really buy under any circumstances is not really savings. It’s an illusion. But as a reference point, it’ll do, because otherwise the scientific definition of an epic trip would not even be possible.



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