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No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN!

  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these guys, but just three weeks after their Fourth of July Sale, Cheap Caribbean is putting them on sale again, this time as a part of a bigger promotion. I have covered this resort so many times before, that I am not going to doContinue Reading

If You Are a Fairmont Elite, Think Bermuda!

  I checked my weekly Travelzoo newsletter yesterday and found this. The Luxe Resort is the Fairmont Southhampton. I visited this resort last year; we stayed at the Fairmont Princess, but they have a free boat and bus transfer between the two. The Southhampton is so extensive and beautiful resort that we regretted our choice immediatelyContinue Reading

The Crazy $19 All-Inclusive Deal in the Dominican Republic is Alive Again!

  OK, folks, listen up: ignoring a deal as good as this one just because “it sounds too good to be true” is stupid. As I wrote about Lifestyle Tropical and their insane (but insanely profitable, too) marketing antics several times before, there is nothing wrong about this resort, and there are a lot of thingsContinue Reading

Manaus, Brazil. First Impressions: Photo Report, Part 1

  Previous posts from Brazil: Brazil World Cup 2014: Rio Photo Review: Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort We flew to Manaus from Rio on TAM on 06.16. Since TAM is a One World partner now, and since we managed to get a direct flight, I redeemed our seats for 7,500 Avios each. A great bargainContinue Reading

I’m Back From Brazil/USA vs Portugal 2:2–We Were So Close!/Vanilla is Dead/North Korea, Anyone?

I came back from Manaus yesterday, and barely had time to recuperate. Today there were two games; both very relevant to me: Russia-Belgium and USA-Portugal. This is what I tweeted after that second Portugal goal that shook the nation mere 10 seconds before the end. God, I hate stoppage time! It’s been one wild rollercoaster ride allContinue Reading

Saturday Night Late: World Cup Edition (06.22.14)

This post could have easily been named: How The Mighty Have Fallen Two great teams are leaving Braxil after a week: England and Spain. Already on life support after the incredible 5:1 beating from the Dutch, Spain was finished off 2:0 by the Chileans, having made it the worst defeat in the World Cup history forContinue Reading

Photo Review: Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort

  The Location Sheraton Rio (12,000-16,000 points per night) is located in Sao Conrado, next to Leblon. It is sandwiched between the ocean and one of the most famous Rio favelas called Vidigal that is built, like the rest of them into the mountain cliffs. That location of the hotel is unique in Rio, asContinue Reading

My Fabulous NYC-Rio American Airlines Flight Review

  As you might know, I’m traveling in Brazil during the World Cup. Please forgive me if I post sporadically for the next 10 days. PreCheck I love PreCheck! I don’t always get it even though I am a “trusted traveler”, but when I do get it, it is really great. No scanning machine thatContinue Reading

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling in Order to Save Money

This is a post by Jeff Norris. Jeff is a frequent flyer who constantly searches for new ways to travel rich on a low budget. While we here love to fly on miles and stay on points, we need to be reminded sometimes that there are other ways to save money, too.  Whether you’re planningContinue Reading

New IHG 5,000-point PointBreaks List: Valid Untill July 31

Quite honestly, I don’t remember the last time everyone was so excited about the IHG 5,000-point PointBreaks. Everyone and their mother has been speculating, guessing, speculating some more. Maybe that’s because of the rumors of the impending doom (there have been consistent speculations that PointBreaks will be replaced with flat 50% reductions as they do nowContinue Reading

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